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Posted by Mainline

I wonder what it is about Catwoman that gets her reimagined so much?  If we include other media she's also had two movie origins and at least one animated origin (Brave & Bold; I don't recall if TAS delved into her origins).... 
Watching it all put together like that, Selina's had a hard knock life!  Almost feels like a Woman in Refrigerator situation. 

Posted by sergyanime

Thanks for the video it was great.

Posted by G-Man

And before anyone says anything, yes this was a little over 3 minutes. There was just so much to tell (and some stuff was cut out).

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Posted by darkrider
Posted by lastdrag0n89
# min expert is awesome. I dont think anyone cares if its over 3 mins as long as we get good quality information.
Posted by Theodore

4:46 Expert?

Posted by kungnima

Carmine is pronounced CarMAJN :-D
Great video!

Posted by dondasch

Good video G Man. 

Posted by Mbecks14

Good video! 
I still prefer her animated origin (minus the blonde hair)

Posted by Om1kron

lol I can hear you trying not to laugh when saying "the armless master"

Posted by Eyz

I loved that costume D. Cooke used in the beginning of her modern series!
Since then she's always been one of my favs :'3
Great video G-Man!

Posted by NightFang
@sergyanime said:
" Thanks for the video it was great. "
Posted by wbburnette

Always love the 3 Minute Expert videos.  But don't you think this one should have been hosted by Babs.  Seems kinda fitting.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Really great video editing work.
Wow, Catwoman sure has had a convoluted back story. Shows how confusing things can get when companies reboot characters in order to make them relevant to a newer audience. More often they make a bad situations worse, ala BND/OMD/OMIT.
Not to mention Zatanna's has some serious bipolar issues when it comes to her magic and mind changing.
I certainly prefer her latest outfit over her older ones. I was never much of a fat of the cat ears on her mask. She doesn't need them to be Catwoman. She is a cat bugler.

Posted by A-Strondinaire

Good 3 Min Expert i was hoping you'd bring up Gotham City Sirens

Posted by G-Man
@A-Strondinaire: No time! These need to be like ten minutes but that sort of defeats the purpose of the idea. Maybe I just need to start talking faster (you can notice a little in this video). 
@Om1kron said:
" lol I can hear you trying not to laugh when saying "the armless master" "
Yes, there was some chuckling even though I read that issue a couple times.
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Posted by A-Strondinaire
I know it would probably just be easier to do sequel installments kind of like those tapes infomercials try and sell
Posted by weapon154

Thanks for clearing all that other stuff up for me!

Posted by KRYPTON

That was awesome, as always!

Posted by spider-man 2996

Good video
Posted by NowSayPillow

The quality of these video's goes up exponentially with everyone. Keep it up guys!

Posted by Pokeysteve

Am I the only one here who hates catwoman? Just can't stand the character. Loved Hush though. You should turn these in to 5 minute videos instead. What made everyone one at Comicvine agree on 3 minutes? There must have been a meeting or a get together or something right haha?

Posted by EisforExtinction

I don't think the Hooker origin is canon anymore.

Regardless, Catwoman is my favorite female comic character.

Posted by pretender15

Great video!

Posted by GundamHeavyarms

Thanks G-Man, I always wondered what happened to that kid of hers.

Posted by Renchamp

I don't read DC, so it was nice seeing something other than Batman or Superman.

Posted by JoeyF
@NowSayPillow: Thanks dude!  I think the more we do these the farther into After Effects I dive.  It's pretty fun.
Posted by Wrighteous86

I don't even read comics (I pick up the occasional graphic novel), but I'm interested in the plot and characters, so whenever I see a new 3-Minute Expert at the bottom of Giant Bomb, I click on through.  Love this feature, keep it up!

Posted by Silkcuts

Best 3 min expert so far, even if it is over 3 mins.  It was an enjoyable video :D
Thanks Comicvine, this video gives me more reasons to love the Catwoman.

Posted by norman

awesome job, joey and tony!

Edited by batman_is_god
B:TAS did not cover the origins of Batman, Joker, Catwoman, or Penguin due to the Burton movies around that time. In fact, one episode that showed Batman in Arkham after being affected by Scarecrow's fear towin said Joker's name was Jack Napier, the same name he had in 1989S BATMAN. Mask of the Phantasm was made later, but was careful not to contradict anything in 1989's BATMAN.
Posted by PrincessSolaria

Wow great video, I love catwoman, is my favorite charaters of DC comics, Im your fan no.1# !!!

Posted by Hamz

Great work!

Posted by No_Name_

Yay! I've been waiting for this!

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Excellent backstory... Catwoman is one interesting characther
Posted by Terrific_T

I <3 Catwoman! Awesome 3-min.Expert! Thanks! :)
Posted by sora_thekey
@G-Man said:
" And before anyone says anything, yes this was a little over 3 minutes. There was just so much to tell (and some stuff was cut out). "
I think the "3-Min. Expert" title is now more of just a title for this video feature rather than a video description. 
In my opinion I don't mind them being longer than 3 minutes (otherwise we wouldn't the whole story)... 
@FoxxFireArt said:
"Really great video editing work."
Yeah! Joey does an amazing job with these videos...  
There's a lot I didn't know about Selina... I wonder why her origins were re-written so many times?
Posted by Mumbles

wow! didn't know that much about catwomen at all,lol..

Posted by Decept-O

All the added FX and art are great.   Catwoman should really be a "simple" character, but hoo-doggie, she's had more things happen to her that are far beyond most cosmic comic book characters!   
Catwoman will always be the best, despite all of these things. 
Posted by El_Derrico

Was that a picture of Sara at the end holding that picture frame? 

Edited by mickoreo_LZ

One of the more compelling and readable women in the DCU. I've loved her from the start.

Posted by intothetempest

I just love the Zatanna sound effects

Posted by simonchan

gj :D

Posted by goldenkey

it's pronounced Fal - cone - ee

Posted by OnlyWonderBoy

Quality stuff. It was interesting to see her original origin as I'm more familiar with the current stuff.

Posted by Bruce Vain

Good video 
Though I thought Sara would do this one for obviouse reasons. 
Posted by theberserker

I have been learned

Posted by Krakoa

Fabulous production values on this video. (Not that they haven't always been great). Phenomenal work G-Man!

Posted by andrea_mendoza1997
@G-Man: Thanks the video was great. I liked the last few  seconds of  the video . It  sure made me understand more about her many origins.
Posted by Band Lone

Papa spank lol 
Batman you playaaaa!

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