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Posted by fatyman

awesome 3 min expert gman

Posted by PhantomAres

That brought back some memories, a lot of them parodies XD

Posted by kittenpride

I've been missing the 3 minute expert videos! YAY!

Posted by EdwardWindsor

awesome , if only my twin and i where superheros of some kind lol

Posted by CaptainUseless

Nice, didn't expect this.

Posted by G-Man

I'm not gonna lie. I bought a Zan shirt at WonderCon and wanted a reason to justify it.

Edited by EdwardWindsor
@G-Man said:

" I'm not gonna lie. I bought a Zan shirt at WonderCon and wanted a reason to justify it. "

lol cunning plan " insert Blackadder cunning  quote here"
Posted by sora_thekey

Tony became water!
 Awesome... I never knew that the Wonder Twins were such complex characters... Very interesting...

Posted by SneakyPenguins

WTF is at 3:52

Posted by ImJustLikeParker

Wonder Twins Movie anyone. lol. Jk.  (Or am I?)
Posted by NXH

And now i play the waiting game.

Posted by EnSabahNurX

I like them one Smallville XD but the twin who can turn to water needs a power boost XD I say revamp those two, they could be cool if they become more developed and serious characters

Posted by ManuelPrez

and still I found them lame

Posted by goldenkey
it wasn't haha
Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

That was Awesome! Great Job.

Posted by MadClawMannn

let our power combine ...WATER....?????....heart????

Posted by ballsnbayonets


Posted by FoxxFireArt

I love the editing touch of G-Man changing into water there at the end. It was really well done.

Posted by G-Man
@FoxxFireArt: That's Joey's magic once again.
Posted by Xtian22

Great 3 min. expert. 
They were shown leater in Justice League Unlimited  as a part of team called "Ultimen" in ep.09.
Posted by SoftCoreDave

Digging the funky music

Posted by The_Martian

I love these 3-Minute Expert videos.

Posted by FoxxFireArt
Well, Joey deserves a raise. That little touch was beautifully done. 
I hope moving goes well for the staff. I almost forget there is no podcast this week.
Posted by jamdown

that has to be the worst power to change into water
Posted by ImperiousRix

Nice, this was unexpected.  I'm definitely digging the shirt, too.

Posted by Xenozoic Shaman

I remember not liking them much while growing up, and now I can say that I feel the same way.  Kinda campy.

Edited by NightFang

Awesome Wonder Twins t-shirt, G-man!

Posted by symphonix

This was great, especially as had just finished watching an old Superfriends episode on some retro channel I found.

Posted by LP

Smallville's version is better.... but turning into water? Seriously? All a common thug would need to do to stop him is to drink him!

Posted by Mbecks14
@NightFang said:
" Awesome Wonder Twins t-shirt, G-man! "
i concur!
Posted by tonis

The first comic I ever owned was the Super-Friends Special and watching them every Saturday was the best part of cartoons back then. A great retro 3 minutes.

Edited by Big

Tony looks like a Wonder Twin. In fact, Tony blends into one of the comic book panels in the background. I'm like, "Where's Tony?" I felt like he should  have done the Hussle while  he was telling the origin story - "Boom-chicka, WOW-WOW!"
Posted by doordoor123

 I have never seen the Wonder Twins in a comic. It would be nice to see them. And wheres Ragman? The only jewish superhero in DC?
Editor: This seemed pretty stale. Not the best ive seen from you.

Posted by Big
That's why Wonder Twins must die.
Posted by Big
Only if it's  "Wonder Twins: The Later Years," with Eric Estrada and Rita Moreno. I'd see that!
Posted by bingbangboom

I always thought that these characters had alot of potential if done right... just havn't been.

Posted by Comicjew

He forgot to mention Zan can create buckets when in water form! 
Zan sounds completely useless and Jayna's powers sound like they're a rip off Beast Boy's.
Posted by Gylan Thomas
@LP said:
" Smallville's version is better.... but turning into water? Seriously? All a common thug would need to do to stop him is to drink him! "
But what if he changed back inside the  thug? :S
Posted by Superkitty

I helped the Wonder Twins back in my interning days.
They were captured and couldn't quite touch, so I put my cute little nose in the space between then became a conduit for their powers.
And another time I used my tail to get the keys to the cell.

Edited by waruikumo

And I always thought they were asian.   
Good job G-man, I love the 3-minute experts. 
PS that cat in the early part of the video, during their origin looks like battle cat from he-man.

Posted by Blackestnight
@waruikumo: ha ha me too
Posted by anunsi

Another good job on TME.

Posted by simonchan

I find this 3 min expert bit AWESOME.

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I say do another retcon and bring them back in the current continuity with their old super friends past story, but updated to have the quality of today stuff.  and have it written and drawn by some popular artists and writers.  like Maguire and Giffen.

Posted by VicDiGital

 Wow, that's a lot more about the Wonder Twins than I though actually existed.   
I'm happy to say that I contributed a SuperFriends parody to the pantheon of SuperFriends parodies.  This one was for Watchmen, and was a shot for shot remake of the initial trailer.  It features the Wonder Twins and Gleek in a prominent way.   

Posted by Freddy.Mercurial

 One thing i never understood & still don't is:  why can 1 of them ONLY turn to water???

Posted by charlieboy

great video.
Posted by Shadowdoggy

yeah, I was wondering why Tony didn't mention the JLU appearance/homage?????
Posted by G-Man
@Shadowdoggy: I don't care what the Rolling Stones said, time is not on my side. You can see (and some people complain) that these videos tend to go over three minutes. I try to get as much in them as possible but some stuff simply has to get cut. Sure we could extend the time further but the point is to try to keep it brief.
Posted by Jord

3:24  -  Blue Beetle looks A LOT like a certain friendly neighborhood wall-crawler here...
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