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Posted by Mr. Kamikaze

Cool video. Never have been a fan of Kraven though.

Posted by MichaeltheFly

Wow so many things I didn't know about comic book Kraven, awesome video btw, you guys are making them better with each new video.

Posted by k4tzm4n

<3 Sergei Kravinoff.
Posted by Gylan Thomas

Three minutes?
That was most of five :P

Posted by brewski420

cool. i can't wait for the first part of "the Grim hunt" today. it's bound to be awesome!
Posted by G-Man

And again, let's all give JoeyF a round of applause for all his awesome editing.
@Gylan Thomas:
There were some dramatic pauses to capture the mood. We take a little liberty with the time to ensure you get an awesome video.

Posted by Gylan Thomas
Just kiddin' around bud.
Time spent on the vine is never time wasted :D
Posted by Ryonslaught

I needed this. 
Thanks G-man one of those characters I only have a glancing knowledge of at best :)

Posted by ironshadow

These videos just keep getting better, keep up the good work. Hope they don't bring back Kraven, he needs to stay dead.

Posted by G-Man

The funny thing is, I gave Joey more time to edit since I wanted this to go up today instead of last week (for The Grim Hunt starting in Amazing Spider-Man #634). Instead of finishing early, he makes things more complicated by trying and adding new effects. I am curious what he's going to do with the next one.

Posted by Robotman

Kraven's little girl is psycho! She's like Hit-girl and Chainsaw Massacre rolled into one.

Posted by mimschkin

I agree that the editing and effects just get better and better, this is the best one yet. And very informative especially as I don't have much to do with Spider-Man.

Posted by AmazingSpiderMike

Kraven's last hunt is my all time favorite storyline. I can read that over and over and never get bored with it. That's how good it was written and drawn. The video was awesome and you really captured the true essence of the his story especially when he met his final demise. Great Job, guys.

Posted by G-Man
@AmazingSpiderMike: Just filming the "end" of Kraven was heavy for me. It was some deep stuff for the time. I love how Joey translated that in the video.
Posted by doordoor123

wow. your hair grows fast. LOL.
I think you should dress the part for these three-minute experts.
@Gylan Thomas said:

" Three minutes? That was most of five :P "

yes, it was.
Posted by The_Warlord

Kraven is awesome

Posted by xerox_kitty

Cool, I knew bits & pieces about Kraven, but I didn't know he'd buried Spidey alive (but how did he survive being buried for a fortnight??).  Now it makes sense why he's a such a notable opponent for Spider-Man.

Posted by logan48227

Great piece as always. 
Any chance of 3 Minute Experts for Deathstroke, Damien Wayne, or Rogue?

Posted by Riezner

LOVE this video! Didn't know a thing about Kraven before.

Posted by Maxmachine

I am amongs those that actually wouldn`t like to see Kraven revived. 
I did like the issues with her daughter, in my opinion, Spidey should be darker, specially when the Karvinoff family is involved. 
The impact Kraven`s Last Hunt had makes, IMO, almost impossible to resurect him.

Posted by ImperiousRix

I, like a lot of people, don't think Kraven should come back.  He's an awesome character who I'm a fan of, but the drama of his death and the superbness of that storyline need to be preserved.

Posted by victimblue

Clearly one of the best 3 minute experts Ive seen so far. Awesome video G-man. A five star ***** narration. makes me want to read past Kraven exploits and clearly makes me anticipate the grim hunt storyline.

Posted by ImJustLikeParker

I absolutely love Kraven.  I love everything about him.  I thought he was such a cool character before the storyline Kraven's Last Hunt, but that just cemented his place in my top 5 Spidey villians.  I hope they don't bring him back though, because his end was so powerful that it should mean something.  But, I thought the same about Captain America....  Anywho, I hope the reboots allow Kraven to come to the big screen sometime soon.  I think he could work very nicely.
Posted by shockwave632
 The 2:30 mark?
Posted by ZORN

That was awesome.

Posted by goldenkey

That was fun.  I knew Kravens history but I always hated him for some reason.  Just didn't have much interest til now, and I knew everything about him already.  Im glad he's still dead tho.  I like when they keep characters dead, but it's obvious, if he took potions then he somewhere down the line it leaves a story open to bring back Kraven and he'll have some sort of healing factor.  That sucks too, it'll just water down the Kravens last hunt storyline.  They always come back.

Posted by bobber205

The audio track for the voice was often way too low... :( 
Otherwise I really enjoyed the video!! :D

Posted by G-Man
Posted by Technoman

I'd like to see a riddler 3 minute expert. I agree with maxmachine.

Posted by Moomin123

I've always found Kraven to be the most diverse Spider-Man villain, as he's not a bad guy who impersonates animals e.g. Chameleon, Vulture, Scorpion or a mad super-genius who makes mechanical suits to kill Spidey e.g. Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Mysterio. 
I wonder if he'll ppear in the Spider-Man reboot. 
P.S G-Man, please please please...could you do a 3-Minute Expert on Bizarro, Loki or Scarecrow. Thanks.
Posted by Baddamdog

The graphics on these things are getting awesome!! I loved how the Kraven storyline ended, so dramatic, so perfect! I really hope Marvel don't ruin his death by just bringing him back in an 'un-holy resurrection'
Hey G-Man....Psylocke would be awesome next.... XD

Posted by BOSSTOAD

Didn't know Kraven took his own life. 3 min expert, is one of the best features on this website. I hope you keep it up G-man

Posted by zombietag

tonys face on the wall was so funny, cuz he looked so serious hahaha

Posted by LT1085

Goddamn! That was the best one yet!

Posted by Preacherl2k

Solid 5/5 vid- the special effects just keep getting better and better!!! The rain in the video was very cool!
Hats off to you guys GREAT video!

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

Great 3 minute expert.  Because of the Grim Hunt storyline Marvel released this comic that ran down a history, and Kraven lost a lot.  Going up against people like Kazar and others and always loosing.  For a while they were sort of loosing the coolness of the character that Lee and Ditko created.  So his finally beating Spider-Man fixed that.
Glad you covered that Final Hunt too, so now I don't have to read it.  Or at least now I know the details so I don't have to read it so soon.

Posted by lostlantern13

Props to G-Man and Joey for the great (timely) video. Really well done job. Probably my favorite 3ME yet.

Posted by NXH

I love your 3-Min Experts, G man.
I think that was my favourite one as it got more indepth with the character.  

Posted by G-Man

If you're really digging these videos, feel free to pass them along to your friends. Let's get the word out to inform the world how cool these characters are. Post the video on Twitter and Facebook. Get your grandma to watch and tell her friends.

Posted by sora_thekey

I never considered Kraven as a strong opponent of Spidey... 
Now I understand why everybody wanted to see Kraven in the next Spider-Man movie
Kudos to Joey for the awesome editing!

Posted by Theodore

man I love these videos!

Posted by mighty dude

What comic did Kraven attack the X-men in?
Posted by Decept-O

Nice editing job on this one!  All the previous ones were great, but I really dug this one a lot!   Love all the panels and your floating head!   Well, can't say I "love" your floating head--it was a bit scary.
'Kraven's Last Hunt" stands out as one of my all time favorite storylines, by showing how much of a nutjob Kraven was, amping him up from being a bit of a lame villain.  Also the artwork by Mike Zeck STILL stands out to me all these many years later.   *sigh*   
Keep these going, please!
Posted by FoxxFireArt

 Great edit work in this as always.
I never realized Kraven offed himself. That is MESSED UP.
You know what I want to see? I want to see someone from PETA to run up and throw paint on his jacket screaming "Fur is Murder". Only because of the hilarity that would follow. When Kraven ran after the little jerk. Don't ask when he got the new coat from a day later. I'll give you one hint. Soylent Green is also made from it.

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Fantastic stuff, these videos just keep getting better and better props to G-man and all involved.
Been enjoying The Gauntlet and now Grim Hunt, can't wait to see where this all goes.

Posted by Toastalchemist

These videos are longer than three minutes, but I don't care. They are very informative and have a lot of great effects. Keep up the good work. 

Posted by G-Man
Posted by The_Martian

Kraven is one of the greatest Spider-Man villains.

Posted by ArtisticNeedham
@G-Man said:

" @mighty dude: From the first issue of the X-Men/Spider-Man mini-series. Is it canon? I say it is now. It was surprisingly a fun mini. "

It is Canon I think.  the Marvel free issue that recapped all of Kraven's exploits (advertising the Grim Hunt story) mentioned that comic.  So I think Marvel sees it as Canon.
Spider-Man: Origin Of The Hunter #1
Posted by The Sadhu

Awesome video G-Man! I honestly had no idea Kraven was dead! I just thought he retired!
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