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Posted by NXH

Never heard of this character :S lol

Posted by Morpheus_
I like FFF. Too bad the character has fallen to obscurity. I'd love to see him back in action. Seeing that the upcoming  Invincible Iron Man annual concerns Mandarin, and Fraction does seem to have plans for his return, I hope he will incorporate FFF in a future story, too.
Posted by sora_thekey

Love it! 
I am loving 3-min experts because I learn a lot about characters I knew nothing about! 
Here I thought Fin Fang Foom was just another Iron Man foe... 
Where is the restaurant he works at? I want to see for myself!
Posted by The_Martian

Love the shirt, G-Man.

Posted by Decept-O

@G-Man:  What's it like appearing in a comic book?   
Man, Fin Fang Foom is SO FULL OF EPIC FAIL to use dated vernacular.  *ugh* on so many levels!!   
The Lamest of the Lame of Marvel "villains" and of Iron Man's awful rogue's gallery.  (I love IM, but his villains suck--except for Living Laser)
Edited by Timm

on a side note... The rings of the mandarin are actually control keys to the vessel that brought Fin Fang Foom to earth. He was, essentially, to be a mindless, Malkuan, super soldier, doomsday weapon. He has no single controller, but it easily mind-controlled mainly because it is what he was made for.
with a good writer  Fin Fang Foom can really come to life... and has in the past.

Posted by JoeyF
@sora_thekey:  It's a Chinese Restaurant in the Baxter Building.  Decent food, good prices.
Posted by PrinceIMC

Heh. I didn't know all that about Fin Fang Foom actually. Very cool.

Posted by ManuelPrez

I never knew FFF was a wimp. I imagine him more evil

Posted by Derfla.Y.Levolcmp

I had no idea.  I had always thought he was just a giant evil dragon.  I didn't know they'd neutered and shrank him down to human size.  weird
Posted by Branagin77

Great Job!! These videos are great, I'm really enjoying them.
Awesome info.

Posted by simsey

nice video
Posted by Joeybagad0nutz

That was awesome!! I never knew he was cooking and was human size now.

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

This has genuinely enlightened me, also I dread to think what FFF does too overly rude customers food *shudder*

Posted by DMC

Nice video GMan....loved the intro.
But didn't Fin Fang Foom recently appear in Iron Man during his time as Director of SHIELD. I think it was in Iron Man special during his Vegas vacation.

Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon

nice video g-man.
sounds like a good iron man villain was destroyed with this depowering-being good thing 

Posted by Morpheus_
@DMC said:
" Nice video GMan....loved the intro.  But didn't Fin Fang Foom recently appear in Iron Man during his time as Director of SHIELD. I think it was in Iron Man special during his Vegas vacation. "
Viva Las Vegas? That's an alternate universe, not 616, I'm afraid. Judging from most of the elements, it seems inspired by the film version.
Posted by TheHood

Fin Fang Foom also appears in the background in one of the early Franken-Castle issues. So, apparently he's joined Morbius and the Legion of Monsters.

Posted by Pluncko

never heard of this one before... but his name is really fun to say.

Posted by kittenpride

I'm loving the 3 minute expert videos! 
Keep them coming!

Edited by strangeling

I loved JR JR's rendition of him in the Armor Wars II story line, and the action figure looked similarly cool, so I bought it.  ( He was not human-size, he was huge-size. )
Sooo much I didn't know about FFF.  He's really not as I thought he was.   

Posted by G-Man
@Pluncko:  As I was prepping for this, I kept adding an extra "F" word when I would say his name...
@Decept-O: I love it when JoeyF puts me in the comics. He does magic with these videos.
Posted by robokungfu

The purple short wearing dragon is in Nextwave Agents of H.A.T.E.  which is one of the funniest comics I've ever read.   Though that comic is more of a spoof like the cowardly Captain America in it.  So I guess it's not exactly canon?  

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

that's is all you need to know
Posted by aztek_the_lost
@Emperor Gonzo Noir: I didn't know they made pants that big or are they made of that same stretchy material as Garganta's bikini?

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir
@aztek the lost: sadly I don't know, I just know that he makes his own pants and that they didn't start out purple O.o
Posted by noname2062
@kittenpride said:
" I'm loving the 3 minute expert videos!  Keep them coming! "
Couldn't have agreed more.
Posted by War Killer

The only books I've read with Foom in them were Iron Man: Viva Las Vages, which sadly I believe got cancelled -___- And he was awesome in that book! :/ 


Posted by CylonDorado

Lol at FFF's dur da dur face.
Posted by Luthorcrow

I refuse to acknowledge Stan Lee when it comes to characters like FFF.  Everything about the character is classic Kirby.

Posted by waruikumo

Why Marvel creators havent tapped into more of the old marvel "pulp" characters.  Like Fin Fang Foom, or It or anything from those is beyond me.  Theres so much potential.   
But then again we REALLLLLY NEEED 4 or 5 deadpool books a month. 
sorry one deadpool book, great.  5 or 6 mehhhhhhhhh (vomit)

Posted by .o0Johnny0o.

I like the way you're doing the less obvious but equally interesting characters! Keep it up G-Man! j

Posted by KRYPTON

Hey G-man I thought you were going to turn into a fin fang foom at the end. Like when you super ran in the 3 minute expert of Barry allen, that would be some cool special effects if you turned into a fin fang foom.

Edited by doordoor123

nice editing. Final Cut? 
How long did this take you to make?

Posted by Aspenite

Well, that was awesome. Are you planning to portray more rather unknown characters? I´d like to know more about those!

Posted by Gregomasta

I really really REALLY enjoyed the comic visuals in this video.  Very good video.  I had forgotten about Triple F since I first saw him on the fox cartoons.

Posted by G-Man
@doordoor123: Joey gets these done within a week. But that's along with shooting other videos for us and Tested.com. He's a busy and amazing guy.
@Aspenite: I wanna mix things up (like how I did one on Barry Allen also). Next week's will be something...different. Then after that, it might be a fan-fav. one with some history that "everyone" might not be fully up to date on.
Posted by rum1929

Great video!!

Posted by Moomin123

Fin Fang Foom, going from intergalactic dragon alien to chef in a Chinese restaurant. WOW. 
He'd be an awesome candidate for Masterchef. He'd just kill the judges if they didn't like his food.
Posted by sharky64

Posted by Silver Knight75

Fin Fang kind of looks like the Jabberwock

Posted by Dark Klaw

You totally should have included the panel where Electro requests that shape shifting prostitute to take the shape of Fin Fang Foom XD

Posted by G-Man
@Dark Klaw: I did! It had to be cut out to fit the 3 minutes. Okay, I'm joking...or am I?
Posted by darth bul

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

I love the way these videos are done.  Anyone else see the FFF vs Hulk book that came out a while ago?  Great fun read, lol. 
I've read FFF's first apearance a few times now (in the aformentioned FFF VS H)  
Again kudos to all involved in these 3 minute videos :)
Posted by hrdwrkngXsoldier

these vids are pretty awesome


Posted by G Bird

Where does he appear in Iron Man 2?

Posted by J.C.
@G Bird said:
" Where does he appear in Iron Man 2? "
Posted by SuperXAsh

*despises the latest changes to Fin Fang Foom* e_e
Posted by monsterstudio

Whats up with the new metal look though is sweet. 
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