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Edited by Benzo

Yes!!!! a 3 minute expert on Barry Allen!!! I am so glad that you guys did a 3 minute expert on barry Allen!!!! :D He is one of my favourite flashes of all time!!!! I am so glad that he is back :)   
Oh and good guys!! :D i can't wait to see more of the 3 minute experts!!!! It is such a good feature :)

Posted by Joey Ravn

Nice! I was born in '88, three years after Barry became part of the Speed Force in CoIE. I grew up with Wally as the Flash, but Barry always remained there, in the background. Despite his long absence, I think he's one of the most-felt characters in the DCU. I'm glad a talented writer like Geoff Johns was in charge of bringing him back. 
PS: Great editing on the video ;)

Posted by FLStyle

Couldn't picked a better character to do as I only knew him as the one who goes really fast, thanks!

Posted by Green ankh

I was never really to fond of the Barry Allen Flash.  I have gotten attatched to Wally (so to speak).  I hope he has a place in the DCU.
Posted by Kurrent

Great Vid, I love the 3-Minute Expert video's....keep them coming

Posted by johnny_spam

I am glad Barry is back, his death may have been iconic the character was screwed over so much that death was all they could do for him I think he deserved better. Hopefully with his new series by Johns there will be some great stories with Barry in the future.

Posted by Jabor

Very good job G-Man

Posted by MichaeltheFly

Can't wait to see who's going to be your next choice.

Posted by Freddy.Mercurial

captivating stuff G-man! 

Posted by lostlantern13

Great video, great editing.  
I really like Barry so it's cool to get a streamlined explanation of him. I'm also glad he's back in the DCU (although I'm wishing he would stay a Blue Lantern).

Posted by Joe Venom

Awesome! I needed this I didn't know jack about Barry Allen, thinks for taking me to school G-Man

Posted by DEGRAAF
idk why but there has never been a video created on or for this website that allows me to watch it. It just continuously says loading 
is there anyways to get around that?
Posted by Riezner

Woah, if that showed me anything, it's that comic books are kinda confusing :)  
I love this segment, keep em up Tony!

Posted by mimschkin

Thank you G-Man, that was very informative.
Also, good job with the floating cut-out panels throughout.

Posted by Lady Tlieso

These are definitely my favorites of the CV videos, other than the silly ones of course. I didn't know anyone stayed dead in comics for that long.

Posted by hooray

Nice video, I'm not so much into Flash, can you recommend me me any trades?

Posted by jaymastergwapo

nice video. I'm a fan of Barry Allen/Flash

Posted by sora_thekey

Awesome, I am fairly new to comics so to me Wally West was Flash....  
Now I know about Barry Allen!
Posted by JHags

Love, love, love these videos.
Edited by goldenkey

These are great, simply great.  There's at least on thing I learn from everyone of these. It's like clif notes
Posted by daveydavey

G-Man is pretty fast.......lol
Posted by Red_Blade

good stuff

Posted by Yung ANcient One

I think its a lil bit of some Bull$#!% that Barrys Name will be On the Movie... and Not Wallys...
n yea...
i prefer Wally...

Posted by Aspenite

This a very cool feature. Keep it up!

Edited by 12ty12

Got too agree with the other 100% here, awesome video.  I'm mainly a Batman man and very rarely venture out to other titles but I always get a taste from reading bio's on comicvine and buy some other titles. But I could never understand the Flash, there's like 5 running around. Where do I begin? What the heck's an Impulse? Why does that old man have a bowl on his head?  Very nice recap!

Posted by Final Draft85

Very cool video G-Man. Barry Allen is my favorite Flash and I am happy to see that he is back. I was born in 1985, so he's been dead almost all of my life & now I get to read comics with new stories of his adventures. Yes!  @G-Man: Which Flash is you favorite?
Posted by mrrpm01

loved it I really find it funny that so many people choose wally over Barry, Barry in my opinion is far more superior then wally although it was great seeing him evolve from  the wise cracking kid to the mature hero he has become.  Man I have been sleeping on these 3minute videos great info Tony!!!!

Posted by waruikumo

Mikey rikey  
uhh this is the second one? or first?  how do we search for the 3-minute expert series, or where are/will they be located on the site? 
Also it would be a bonus edition of coolness if these included a short text list of important old school gems. that are important to the character, just awesome story-lines.  It is convention season.

Posted by G-Man
@waruikumo: This is the third. There's also been one on Black Widow and Skrulls (plus sort of ones on Black Cat and Roy Harper presented as PSAs). You can find the other 3-Min. Vids if you click the Feature tab. As soon as we have more completed, I'll make an actual tab for them at the top.
Posted by Dark Klaw

I really, really, really like these videos.  Keep up the great work with them!  Already, they have become one of my favourite videos to watch on this site!  Very informative for those who haven't managed to get their hands on those ancient comics from the 60's ;)

Posted by SilverZeo

The whole Iris thing is little confusing, so I understand why you left that out.

Posted by Harlekin

Barry Allen also known as worst father ever.

Posted by noname2062

Great video..  Keep em coming.

Posted by MKF30

Nice video G-Man! :)

Posted by Theodore

Well that was awesome, Barry is probably my favorite hero of the DCU

Posted by Omega_Von_Doom

As a kid growing up in Fiji, our comics were years behind. So The Barry Allen Flash was the only Flash I knew. And I loved watching him kicking it every week in the TV show that used to air... He'll always be the true Flash to me.

Posted by The Hottness

Awesome vid...but Wally's my boy, barry's wack.
Posted by KublaiKhan

Great Feature.  Thank you.

Posted by lorex

Good video, but this is one character they should have left dead. Wally not only took up the mantel of the Flash but surpassed him. Bringing him back was a way to appease the old time fans who's bitching got Hal Jordan a return from the grave so why not Barry Allen. Also I suspect that the editorial staff ware among those who were fans of Allen and Jordan, another reason for their return.

Posted by Son_of_Magnus

I wish Barry never came back Wally and Bart are so much better than him he was dead for 30 years obviously everyone moved on to bigger better things like Wally West

Posted by Dominiquea22

But how did he come back?

Posted by ValendianKnight

Yes! Flash is awesome, and Barry Allen is the best of the bunch! Good job on the vid.

Posted by caesarsghost

Barry Allen will always be my favorite Flash- no disrespect to Wally, but I missed the bowtie
Posted by sweatboy

Barry Allen in 3 minutes? i spent such a lot of time wiki-ing flash last semester. I saw a pic of Kid Flash there and we suddenly switch to kid flash from Barry's death without an introduction, but hey it's a site on comics, most people would have a basic idea. I remember Barry from the Jhon Wesley Shipp series

Posted by daredevil21134

Barry Allen forver
Posted by AmazingWebHead

I just realized: will they use the costume ring in the new show? And if so, how?

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Young G-MAN!!!

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