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Oh nice! It's been awhile since theres been a 3-Minute Expert! I always loved these vids. Good stuff, G-Man!

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As always, awesome to see Powers getting some love. G-Man, you really gotta try and get on that before it starts (though it looks like the series will DEFINITELY be tweaking some things:)). There's actually a used book store by my place with most of the deluxe hardcovers at a pretty low cost. I'd be happy to pick them up for you if you're intested, though shipping them to mat might be easier as I'm up in Montreal, Canada:) either way, super stoked for this, great job on the vid, and did you read the latest United states of murder?

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@barstoolprophet: I'm close to caught up. And I'm definitely hooked on UNITED STATES.

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@g_man: excellent! How have you enjoyed it? Do you find that Oemings art kind of "smooths out" over the course of the series? It still keeps it's sharp angles and whatnot (and certainly the color palette seems to expand over time), but personally I find his art has improved over time (not that it wasn't great at the start) and USM is probably my favorite title currently. I love morning glories, but the plot has become so bloody convoluted that it really reads better in trade (or in its entirety when it ends) ;) loving nail biter, wicked and the divine, Wytches, spread, velvet, east of west, Lazarus.... Image is killing it lately, and we still get our regulars (LOVING Snyder/Capullo Batman run---black mirror got me back into buying single issues again:))

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Awesome! Know that I'm an expert I can look down on people who don't know as much as me! Hahaha!

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@barstoolprophet: You can see a change. After reading a bunch, it'd be hard to imagine someone else drawing the characters. Same goes for UNITED STATES. I do enjoy POWERS. It got a little weird at one point, I'm sure you know which part I'm talking about without giving away spoilers. I am curious about these little differences between the show and comic. Can't wait to check it out.

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Sweet video! I never read the comic but I'm excited for the show.

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@mak13131313: Share the video with your friends, parents, mail-carrier, etc.

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One thing I don't like about Powers is they never define he each persons ability

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That was cool! A perfect introduction to the world of Powers!

I'm also super-excited about the show and it's somewhat different look and feel when it comes to the two lead characters. There's no doubt that District 9 guy (Sharlto Copley) is a great actor and could probably do any kind of character, and Susan Heyward seems to be the perfect companion. The two of them make for a great Powers couple and homicide detectives.

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dude @g_man awesome video... high quality. Def will be watching the show. I gotta catch up on the series myself. I left off when it made its move to Icon... shouldn't be too hard to bang it all out before the premiere.

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@g_man: love 3 min expert. Never got into Powers but it looks interesting. I saw the X Files like pic of the 2 leads when it was 1st announced and was automatically interested on a subliminal level, lol. So is this going to be free on the PSN or pay per episode type of thing?

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I was digging the comic but then dropped off.


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Favorite part of the site 3min expert! Thanks GMan!