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Posted by NightFang

That looks very promising!

Posted by thecheckeredman

Hmmm...loved T-Cats as a kid...I dig that old school Tigra fig...

Posted by RalfvdH

sweeet ....
Oooo .... memories

Posted by never_again

It won't be the same, when your an adult things you loved as a kid rarely are. But they are some cool toys. 
18 points of articulation, wasn't like that when I was a boy.

Posted by Sammo21

I'll tell you what I want, MARVEL figures as good as Toy Biz was making.  when Mattel took over I can't stand any of that garbage now.

Posted by MoonlightEast

It looks like it has promise. We wont really know till we see an episode and what the plot turns out to be, but I so want the sword!!!!!!

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

By the sword of Omen.......Thunder!!! Thunder!!!!!Thunder Cats!!!!!!
I should'nt know this, since its before my time. 
but I love some Thundercats!
Posted by danhimself

man I've still got all of my old Thundercats toys...including the Cat's Lair and the Thundertank

Posted by goldenkey

WOW I forgot about sight beyond sight.
Posted by strawbeki

i love that sword! :D

Posted by inferiorego

Why isn't ComicVine at Toy Fair 2011?
That's my thang. Someone get me on a plane now.

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Posted by ecm1285

I saw Snarf!  Does that mean he's going to be in the show?

Posted by Baron_Emo

I am pretty stoked about the new show, but I am awesomed by the old-school style figures. I hope they make Panthro and Cheetara. 
@inferiorego said:

" Why isn't ComicVine at Toy Fair 2011? That's my thang. Someone get me on a plane now. "
Seriously, man. Get on it.
Posted by Bestostero

You guys should cover toyfair more!  LOVE action figures :)

Posted by unclesam

Am I the only one who doesnt like how they look? I understand giving them updated uniform, but why change their faces so much?

Posted by Eyz

Note that it's even the "new" Thundercats from the upcoming cartoon!
No sign of Wilykit? Awww.. :/

Posted by ComiCCloseup

Pretty cool but I'd like to see that sword go right through that idiot the black one I mean
Posted by playdohsrepublic

I feel the magic... I hear the roar... 

Posted by Hadez

they better include wilykit and wilycat