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Worst Stark, Pepper and Widow ever :P


yeah they didnt seem very inspired lol. and i know Tripper, im also on panelsonpages.com
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Babs, I think it's awesome that you were interviewing as Wonder Woman. lol Very Con, very cool.

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Anyone see a guy dressed as the Comedian at Comic-Con last year?

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The best part is the quick sketch.

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Stark was the only one that, looked even REMOTELY like the character.
Babs, nice hoop-rings! :p

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Man, I would kill for a quick-sketch from Dustin Nguyen.
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Videos like these make me sad I'm in Wyoming.  And yes I accept pity claps, hugs and cash.  LOL 
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Lol, Wonder Babs!

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@BrianDusel:  dude I live in Alaska don't even talk lol
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Sara looks so pretty in that outfit.
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