Portal comic book series?

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I like what they did with left for dead when they had a long comic book series.Value should do a portal one.I know they did lab rat but I would like one that has to do with Chell and the puzzles. Is this even doable? Chell doesn't talk at all though the comic doesn't have to show her talk.She can still be a silent protagonist.I wouldn't even give her inner-monologue but just a balloon cloud with just pictures of what she's thinking.It would be so weird seeing her talk. I would like to see a short comic book series on this.Thoughts?

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any portal fans?

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I would love a portal comic. Half the fun of the game is the cleaver writing so we might as well read it. I would like it to have continutity will half life too. Just an adventure series about Valve's world. It would be interesting to learn more about Cave Johnson and Black Messa

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