Comics outside of comics 1: Grandmasters Challenge

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Hello everyone and welcome to the first installment of comics outside of comics where we take a look at comic book characters in other forms of media.  
I was taking a walk through the internets today and stumbled upon a game with the greatest name of all time; Marvel super heroes 3D: Grandmasters challenge. 

0:09 You know it's good when it has 3D in the title.  
0:20 I like all of these guys but why isn't 3D man in this? I want to use 3D man in 3D! 
0:33 Lizardman? Who the hell is Lizardman? That looks like the Lizard to me. 
0:40 So basically Grandmaster has set up some sort of game where he makes heroes fight super villains for his amusement. I would rather have Murder world and have arcade as the villain but what ever. 
0:51: Why is every non boss enemy a sentinel? Only one of these characters is a mutant. 
0:53 Holy crap rainbows, robots, norse gods and explosions. I need this game. 
0:56 Co-op sounds like fun. It might add some play time to a game that will take two hours to beat. 
1:06 3D is pretty cool and all, but I want to look absolutely ridiculous when I want to play this it in 3D. Unless it can do that I'm not buying. 
1:24 Oh goodie, I can look ridiculous. 
All in all it looks like a fun rental but I wouldn't suggest buying it unless you really want those mask or you have a four year old that likes super heroes.
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"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Marvel Entertainment"

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