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Character History

Victor Conrad was a researcher for AIM who was able to recreate the super soldier serum. Victor consumed the formula when agents of SHIELD infiltrated his lab. The lab erupted in a massive explosion and Victor Conrad emerged as a new man with the serum flowing through his body. He would change his name to Victorious and attempt to reunite the fragmented AIM. This led to conflict with Ka-Zar and he was defeated.

Cap and Victorius battle
Victorious would later reappear at Project Pegasus, having infiltrated the site in disguise.  He took the Cosmic Cube when the opportunity arose, fought off Captain America, and teleported himself to the Everglades.  During his previous time in hiding, he had gotten involved with the Cult of the Entropists, whose belief is that the way of the universe is ever towards atrophy and decay.  He regrouped the cult and with the Cosmic Cube in his possession was able to reform the remains of Yagzan, the cult's former leader. He transformed the remains of Yagzan into Jude, the Entropic Man and together they tried to start their new world order. This led to a conflict with the Thing, Captain America and the Man-Thing in the swamp. When the Thing managed to convince Jude that it was not time for the world to embrace entropy, Jude surprisingly agreed, saying he would take only one more being with him into nothingness: his servant Victorius!  Victorius dad not agree with this last bit, and tried to escape, but when Jude touched him, the Man-Thing simultaneously used the Cube in some subconscious fashion, and Victorious and Jude were transformed into some sort of radiant crystal. The radiation from the crystal has been stimulating the plant growth in the swampy area and Victorious has not been seen ever since.  

Powers and Abilities:

Victorious is highly intelligent and his body was in peak physical condition due to the super soldier serum flowing through his body. He was also highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, capable of holding his own against Captain America.

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