dark_noldor's Victorian Undead #2 - Dracula review

Matters of Blood

Vlad Dracul has been introduced to the Royal Family, as someone who´s specialist in "blood" problems, and by getting closer to the nucleous of England´s power circle, Edginton reveals the strigoi´s dark plans to conquer Britain as his own, and at the same time Holmes and Watson learn the dreadly secret behind his new enemy, first handed by a Romani witch of some sorts, and with further investigation the content of the cases transported by the vessel Demeter. Ian continues to deliver amazing dialogues and excellent pace, now introducing the vampire killers group leaded by Van Helsing, adding new elements to the story as well showing some good action scenes. Fabri is such an astonishing artist, he doesn´t forget a singe detail, he´s the kind of penciler that extracts everything as possible from the script and put it into the pages with beautiful panels; his characters are all drawn in a great fashion, especially Dracula, Holmes and Lucy. Now that Holmes knows there´s something mystical responsible for this case, will he start to believe in that or will he still thinkg that science and reason rule all? This conflict of science vs mystical is a great paradigma here in the story. Again, a great issue, good dialogues, extraordinary art and superb narrative. Highly Recommended.
4.5 out 5


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