Will Victoria Hand really betray the New Avengers? (Spoilers)

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With H.A.M.M.E.R and Norman Osborn returning in New Avengers #17 (TBR Oct 12, 2011) of New Avengers (info from Marvel Website) and considering what she did in previous issues, how long before we see what's really going on with her.

I see four scenarios

  1. She is a spy for Steve Rogers and is keeping the New Avengers in the dark.
  2. She is a spy for Norman Osborn
  3. She is spying for both sides
  4. She has her own agenda and is just using Steve Rogers and Norman Osborn

But even with these scenarios I have to also take into account what happened in New Avengers #14 between Spider-man, Luke Cage & Wolverine, especially regarding scenario 1 from the list.


As we are getting close to an answer, I though it might be a good idea to re-evaluate the scenarios

After reading the current issues of New Avengers starting with issue 11, and looking at what others have suggested, I have come up with the following

  1. Spying for Steve Rogers and is keeping the New Avengers in the dark.
  2. Spying for Norman Osborn
  3. Spying for both sides without betraying either - As put forward by WarMachineMarkV & Myself
  4. Working for the New Avengers - reporting to Norman Osborn/gaining information - reporting to Steve Rogers/Maria Hill - As put forward by Mutant God
  5. Not the Mole for e.g. a red-herring for the real mole - As put forward by Joe_Amazing , Mutant God & enigma_2099
  6. She or another has been replaced by a shape-shifter 'e.g. e a skrull'
  7. She or another has been replaced by the Chameleon or Chameleon like villain

In regards to being replaced, what if this is similar to what Natasha/Black Widow did during Dark Reign when she posed as Yelena Belova, only it's Yelena that would be doing the posing. If you recall last time we saw Yelena, and as far as I know has not re-appeared, she was in a stasis/cryogenics tube at the end of issue 136 of Thunderbolts being woken up by Norman Osborn, so this might be a way of bringing her back. At the very least it would make sense to utilize her in this way.

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@animehunter: I'm not sure. I feel that she isn't really working as a spy but I guess she would report to Steve Rogers. I think that she's trying her best to gain the New Avengers' trust which isn't happening just for the promotion of unnecessary drama.
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Just read issue 19 of New Avengers, looks like we are getting some answers to the question.

We still need to know under what conditions she might be working for Norman Osborn.

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okay I think its going like this: working for New Avengers - reporting to Osborn/gaining information - reporting to Rogers/Hill. Or shes not the mole.

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If she does I hope Sharon Carter shoots her in the face.

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After re-reading the issue I noticed that Daredevil reacted to her outburst toward Spider-man as if he noticed something.

If I remember correctly, Daredevil can hear heartbeats and can usually tell if someone's lying.

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I just had a thought of a possible scenario.

What if Steve Rogers suspected that Norman Osborn would escape and put a plan in motion involving Victoria Hand, that puts Osborn so high on looking like the victim and possible good guy (although I don't know what would be higher that being Americas top cop during Dark Reign) that when he finally falls he won't be able to recover no matter what he does, but unfortunately would involve making the New Avengers look bad temporarily or at least more trouble than they're worth.

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Isnt that what I said

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Sorry about that, must have read it, but forgot you said it

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- There have been so many fingers pointed at her in the short amount of time she has worked with the New Avengers it would not be much of shocker so I'm going to assume she will in the end not. This is not to say Marvel will not throw out some red herrings to keep people guessing.

- My guess is she works with both sides in some capacity without really betraying anyone, but Norman loses it again and she finally decides he is not going to ever accomplish what she saw in him prior and is integral in his takedown, and getting her detractors to trust her.

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I honestly hope she's not a mole, because really I do like her. But if she is I hope its senerio 1.

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There's too many obvious things happening to make it seem that she is the mole. My guess is, she's a red herring and that someone else is the mole. My guess...Wong. Notice how he's been acting confrontational since his return to Dr. Strange's employ?

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Will she betray the New Avengers? No, because hell will freeze over before Bendis has Spider-man be right about ANYTHING in that book other than cracking jokes.

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Just read latest issue #22 of New Avengers looks like we finally might be coming to a confrontation between them and Victoria Hand within the next 2 issues and get the answer to the question - Will Victoria Hand really betray the New Avengers?


Here's another scenario which might be a bit far-fetched, but still could be valid. Victoria Hand could have been replaced by a shape-shifter 'e.g. e a skrull' or another scenario could be she was replaced by the Chameleon or Chameleon like villain.

I will say, that there have been no clues in any issues that might point to this scenario, but could still be a good possibility.

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