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Colonel Victor Hoffman was a rebellious front line gear dreading the promotion from captain to colonel, only because he was scared of getting taken away from the action and placed behind a desk, rebellious acts shown in the 2008 DCcomics gears of war #16: unseen, on the 62nd year of the pendulum wars where Hoffman and his squad of "special forces" you could call them even though the generals at that time weren't allowing spec force teams due to there old fashioned ways made way to to Gralia to "Blow some shit up" taking out the radar stations having to sneak through the neutral territory of Maranday via vehicle then pass through the woodland on foot from there on out making it clear for the "helos" to by pass the radars unnoticed, when the captain and his brigade arrived at the Radar station his team picked off the sentry's as easy as a sponge absorbs water but with the enemy re-enforcement's showing up a little earlier than thought out the squad have to breakout into a gun fight and prematurely detonate the charges set on the tower,

with mission success they head back to the vehicle and detour off road due to the explosion making the "Neutrals" not acting so Neutral, lost out in the woodland in there transport they have no choice but to bust through the Maranday boarder gate with the squad taking out the witnesses from the back of the truck, once they've reached a secure area they then follow the river bed avoiding "any more checkpoint firefights" towards the Sarfuth boarder, reaching the extraction point in Senio captain Hoffman calls it in to find out that the Chairman isnt at all happy with the result of Vic and Seven-Nine going Against him."No danger of me making colonel Margaret...No danger there" - Captain Victor Hoffman.

How wrong he was.

Victor has always been a military man to the core and as colonel he demands discipline and sacrifice from anyone who under ranks him, this being his mentality has caused a friction between Marcus Fenix and himself, Hoffman has a reputation taken from his kickassary at the siege of Anvil Gate and also the battle of Aspho Fields, it was During the Locust war that Vic earned the place of chief of defense staff by being the last remaining high rank officer, and he led the COG through most of the Locust war and even planned the lightmass offensive and operation: Hollow storm as seen and played through gears of war/gears of war 2.

After the sinking of Jacinto the COG moved to the island of Vectes, it was there that VIctor had got back in touch with old friend/old flame SGT. Bernadette "bernie" Mataki a legendary Sniper from the pendulum wars and former snipe from the 26th RTI (royal tyrant infantry) and survival/wilderness expert.

Later on after Chairman Richard Prescott abandoned the COG Hoffman led them for a short time alongside SGT. Quentin Michealson and commander Miran Trescu However the lambent became to much for the COG and it started to fall apart leading to several groups posted around the planet sera both Vic and Bernie led a Group of e several dozen gears and thousands of civilians to Anvil Gate to try and hold for survival.

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