The Question movie?

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Let's forget my DC Universe movies idea for right now. I have an idea for a DC Comics movie that doesn't need to be in the DC Universe of movies. They should make THE QUESTION. Of course it would have to be Vic Sage and not Renee Montoya. I don't know who the best villain would be, but they could make this into a gritty, dark, suspense/mystery movie. In my opinion, the best way to get people to watch is to not advertise it on TV as a DC Comics movie. They should pretend its a regular mystery movie except he has no face and stuff. But of course they can advertise online that its a DC Comics movie to the comic book fans. And then when the movie is over and the credits are about to roll, show the logo and the movie fans might want to get into it more. 
Sound like a good idea? What do you guys think? Who should be the villain?
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Make it the first arc where he "dies" then is trained by Richard Dragon....thanks to Lady Shiva. 

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sounds good to me! It would be cool to see this character and related ones on the silver screen.

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I would so see that. maybe get Nolan to direct? with Jeff Donavon as Vic.
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I'd love to see a Question movie of the first arc like the guy above menthioned. I'd also like to see elements of the 2005 mini series where he's an urban shaman.

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@TheMess1428: I got an Idea for The Question Movie...

The Question Movie:

Part one: Objectivism

The Question is an aggressive vigilante in Hub City, he lives with Myra and visits his friend Aristotle Rodor, tells his story How did he became the Question with the help of his friend, he tries to find the responsible of the current problems with the city, dies the first time because Lady Shiva.

“I am the Question and I look for answers”.

Part two: Zen and Violence

Wake ups with Richard Dragon and he becomes his teacher, receives training and lessons, tells the story of his childhood, fight Shiva a second time, he is defeated and returns to Hub City.

"Once upon a time, a wise man dreamed he was a butterfly. He dreamed his life, flying from flower to flower, the colors, the smells and the wind caressing his wings… And when he awoke, he had a realization. He didn’t know if he was a man dreaming he was a butterfly… or a butterfly dreaming he was a man."

Part three: Questions

He is back to Aristotle Rodor’s house, fights crime and looks for the source of all the crime, meets Renee and Izzy, discovers that the leader of the gangs of the city is also the Mayor, and that Myra is her wife, fights his henchmen and is defeated by Cathy.

“Who are you?” “Good Question”

Part Four: Hell town-Conclusion He is taken back to Rodor’s House by Lady Shiva, the Mayor wants no-face's (Vic's) head, in the city is chaos everywhere, the Mayor's gang would be everywhere, he fights the gang with the help of Lady Shiva and the policemen ( with Izzy and Renee leading them), and Vic fights Cathy a second time, Aristotle Rodor run over Cathy saving Vic.

Ending 1: Vic (injured) go to fight the Mayor (he has a gun), they wrestle for the gun, the Mayor wins and shoot at Vic’s leg, he takes off Vic’s mask, Myra kills the Mayor from behind using a knife, she takes Vic to a hospital, and they get married.

Ending 2: Vic (injured) go to fight the Mayor (he has a gun), they wrestle for the gun, he takes off Vic‘s mask, Myra attacks the Mayor from behind, but fails, and he shoots at Myra’s stomach, Vic (bloodlusted) kick to the Mayor’s had to throw away the gun, and dislocate the Mayor's arm with a hit, scarred the he moves back until he hits the window and falls from the building.

Vic goes to save Myra, is too late, and she ask to him to take care of her daughter, in the last scene Vic goes to the orphanage and ask for Jackie Connelly, she would be playing outside with the snow and she will ask to Vic to play with her, Vic accepts and helps her to build a snowman.

Characters:Vic Sage, Renee Montoya, Izzy O’Toole, Myra Fermin, Jackie Connelly, Lady Shiva, Richard Dragon, Aristotle Rodor, Cathy Fregosi and the Mayor (maybe he would be named Wesley Fermin, but both characters would be different).

I would like to add Mr. Musto and Junior Musto, because I like those characters.

Note: I got an accident, and I wrote this twice, because the previous text got erased, this version is not as detaled as the first time I wrote it.

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They'll probably give him an animated movie but I don't think we'll see a question movie for a long time.I think he could be in the Justice League movie though.

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They really need to make one.

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@TheCannon said:

They really need to make one.


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I think it would make a better tv show.

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