OMG The Question is back (thank you God).

#1 Posted by ghostrecon9200 (15 posts) - - Show Bio

does anyone know if he will get his own series? If so how long must I suffer to get my hands on it?

#2 Posted by beatboks1 (7417 posts) - - Show Bio

Is it going to be Vic?

Will he have the abilities of the Vietch upgrade?

Wasn't Vic one of the three who were "punished" which was played out again in the new origin of Phantom Stranger in PS #0? If so I highly doubt it's going to be anything reminiscent of the past.

#3 Posted by The Lobster (1528 posts) - - Show Bio

I like this, I'm glad they kept what made Vic Sage a cool character but brought in the mysterious supernatural element as well to up the ante. 
I'm a big Vic Sage fan, and I'm still a little hesitate about such a drastic change to the character.....but if done right............this could work.

#4 Posted by Kairan1979 (16899 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm happy that Vic Sage is back. I hope they won't screw it up in New DC.

#5 Posted by Ms. Omega (4524 posts) - - Show Bio
#6 Posted by JSH92 (417 posts) - - Show Bio

@Kairan1979: What makes you think it's Vic Sage?

#7 Posted by Superguy0009e (2265 posts) - - Show Bio

Hopefully a new series comes out. Only stuff I read about him was the 52 story, but he seemed pretty awesome in it.

#8 Posted by beatboks1 (7417 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't I'm asking the question is it Vic

#9 Posted by MyNemesisTotoro (29 posts) - - Show Bio

I love that they're really bringing all of his different interpretations together. Ditko's version at Charlton, O'Neil in the 80's, and then they took a lot from Rorschach (who everyone forgets is based off Q) and the JLU version. I'm not a big fan of the conspiracy theorist version but I'm really glad to see him back at all in a new way. Gotta keep my eyes on anything to do with Trinity War or the Trinity of Sin (so most likely the Justice League series and the Phantom Stranger series) in case he makes another appearance. Q is by far my all time favorite character.

#10 Posted by MyNemesisTotoro (29 posts) - - Show Bio

Also I don't know if anyone else noticed but he saved the mayor of Hub City's little girl. She has different color hair but in O'Neil's series back in the 80's Jackie Connely, daughter of Hub City mayor and sometimes romantic partner of Vic Sage Myra Connely, was a bit of an important character until she died in the Quarterly series.

#11 Posted by Nightwing28710 (157 posts) - - Show Bio

The Riddler isn't going to be happy about this.

#12 Posted by Hit_Monkey (961 posts) - - Show Bio

Don't like this new overtly supernatural approach. I quite liked Veitch's 'urban shaman' style Question but this to me is to far.

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