How does it work?

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It's been on my mind for a while but how does Vibranium actually work?

I know it absorbs kinetic energy directed at it, but let's say i hit Black Panther (i know it's a stretch but bear with me here :p), the kinetic force of my blow would be dispersed by his vibranium suit. But what would it do for me, would i hurt my hand, or would my hand be fine because the blow was absorbed by the vibranium of my opponent?

Same thing if he hits me, i know i would be hurting by the impact he made on me with his punch, but would the impact be (slightly) lessened by the Vibranium?

I couldn't find a topic about this, so i decided to make one =)

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you would still be hurt it absorbs kinetic energy from impacts into itself but not from you, its hard to explain for me in typing, but it will absorb it but it will hurt you

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Well but what if i hit someone who wears vibranium, will the impact still be lessened for me?... it's a strange material :p

#4 Posted by Precise (21947 posts) - - Show Bio

Erm.. do i even want to know with what? :p

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There was a thread around where Buckshot explained some theory on Vibranium and the way T'Challa's suit works against punches and kicks. I can't find it.

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Yeah, i tried to look for it.. because i remember seeing something like that, but i can't find it either.

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how does it work ?

very well ^^

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I don't think I've seen anyone ever comment on if hitting him hurts so I wouldn't know. It seems to work a little differently with punches and kicks than with bullets and stabs. It might be just for visual effect, but punches seem to still move him around whereas bullets just fall when they hit him and he doesn't react. I think a while back I guessed that maybe it was because when a bullet loses its momentum it has no more, but a punch can keep getting powered by the body. Don't know if that's right but that's what I had. I don't know about T'Challa's blows being weakened because the energy is absorbed. It would make sense, but I think they (either in comics: the suit makers, or in real life: the writers) have figured out a way for it to work. Maybe it's designed so it still delivers force outward but doesn't take it in, or maybe it's just something the writers don't want to think about so they ignore it.

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I see, thanks for the info! It still seems strange to me, because this material should work two ways. But i think it's what you said, that writers simply don't want to think about it.

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