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Vezon was created in an accident with the Spear of Fusion. Upon finding it, Hakann set it off in reverse and split Vezon out of Vezok. This unnatural creation led Vezon to lack the spine of a true Skakdi, Elemental Powers, and his sanity. Vezok also lost his tactical thinking in the split, and became desperate to re-fuse Vezon into himself to regain it. Vezon then betrayed the other Piraka after finding out about the Kanohi Ignika, the Mask of Life, leaving them to deal with the Mana Ko that had attacked. Vezon stole the Spear of Fusion and went to Voya Nui in a canister Teridax obtained from an Order of Mata Nui member.

Voya Nui

When he arrived on Voya Nui and found the secret staircase, he was strangely allowed past all of its defenses. Upon arriving in the Ignika's chamber, Vezon attempted to acquire the mask, but was instead cursed by it. He was fused to an enlarged spider Rahi, a Fenrakk, given the power of foresight and the ability to absorb kinetic energy, and the mask fused itself to Vezon's head, making him one of its guardians. It then began its countdown to destroy all life in the universe when the other Piraka arrived. When the Piraka came to the Chamber of Life, they were shocked that Vezon had made it to the mask and that he had become one of its guardians. They demanded that he deliver it to them, to which he agreed if they killed Vezok in exchange, in order to prevent the risk of being fused back together. The Piraka then started to try to kill Vezok until he told them that Vezon probably couldn't give the mask to them even if he wanted to, which Vezon conceded to. He then used his Spear to fuse together Vezok and Reidak together into the Piraka Fusion to fight the other Piraka.

When the Toa Inika arrived in the chamber, Vezon defused Reidak and Vezok, who then fell unconscious. The Toa proceeded to fight Vezon, who was winning until the Toa worked out how to attack him without him using his ability to absorb kinetic energy. They forced him to fall into a pool of lava, but survived thanks to the Ignika. He emerged not riding Fenrakk, but the even more powerful Kardas Dragon, which the Mask of Life had transformed Fenrakk into. The Inika were almost defeated, but then Jaller told Kongu to use his Mask of Telepathy on the Ignika, find its thoughts, and thrust them into Vezon's mind. The mad Skakdi then stopped attacking the Toa Inika, learning that the mask desired Matoro over him. In anger, he attempted to fuse Matoro with the chamber's lava, but Jaller quickly used the mysterious Zamor sphere given to him by Axonn. This sphere froze Vezon and his steed in time, allowing Matoro to take the Ignika from him. With the mask gone, Vezon lost the powers it had granted him and was defused from Kardas.

When all of the Piraka awoke, Vezok attempted to force them to fuse Vezon back into him, but Reidak instead broke the Spear of Fusion into four pieces and they left the chamber. When Vezon himself awoke, he used the Spear's own power to repair it. He then followed the Toa Inika down The Cord to Mahri Nui. When he encountered them, he smashed Matoro's head into the wall and had his weapon burnt to ashes by Jaller. Vezon himself was later carried off by the Zyglak after unsuccessfully trying to trade the Inika's lives for his.

Federation of Fear

Vezon escaped the Zyglak with the help of Brutaka, and was taken by them to join a team to fight the Brotherhood of Makuta. The team consisted of the Order of Mata Nui member Brutaka as the leader, Roodaka, Takadox, Carapar, the renegade Makuta Spiriah, and himself. Vezon was chosen because of being expendable and his lack of fear in the Brotherhood. The group traveled to Stelt to acquire a ship to travel in. While there, Vezon was to give the trader they were receiving the ship from a "light tap" to make it look like he had truly captured Roodaka, who they were using as payment. However, Brutaka knocked him out before Vezon could attack him, much to Vezon's dismay. After Brutaka told his team where they would head towards an island far to the south to find Miserix, the former leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta, Vezon was the first to spot the vast number of Zyglak that Spiriah had summoned. During the trip to Zakaz, Vezon was pleased, despite having never been there and knowing he would be killed instantly by the Skakdi. Brutaka then had the aquatic species living around Zakaz destroy the Zyglak's ships, and introduced to the last member of the team, Lariska.

After docking on a wooded island off the coast of the Southern Continent, Brutaka retrieved a cache of weapons left there by Trinuma and Botar. Vezon was given a powerless spear by Brutaka. Then, Tren Krom attacked and captured Brutaka, trapping the team on the island by creating a 200 foot stone wall around it. Vezon and the rest of the team carefully entered the cave Brutaka had been taken into. While there, they were all given horrible visions as a result of Tren Krom's anger. He let them leave, however, upon learning of what had happened to the Matoran Universe, stating that it's current condition is worse than anything he could do to them. Shortly after fleeing Tren Krom's island, the team arrived on the island of Artidax. Almost immediately after arriving, Spiriah was attacked by a hand of living sand. The hand almost pulled the Makuta underground before Roodaka used her mutation spinner to mutate the sand into a swarm of fireflyers. Vezon was the only one who recognized Lariska's saying about Kinloka. After an explanation of why he knew the saying, Vezon promptly asked if anyone wanted to help him hunt down Vezok. They ignored him, and after some encouragement from Brutaka, and being tricked into believing he could be the leader of the Brotherhood if they succeed, Spiriah agreed to act as the team's guide of the island. The team continued on, with Spiriah as their guide. Before entering into a tunnel, Vezon stepped in front of Spiriah and pointed out a thin vine that had been set as a trap. After bypassing the trap, they entered a tunnel in the side of a mountain, and were trapped inside after Takadox cut the vine to trigger the trap, causing an avalanche that sealed them in.

Immediately after being trapped, Vezon tried to escape down a side tunnel, but Lariska caught him. Vezon started to comment on who would go next - and was stopped by Lariska when he reached her name, at which, he promptly changed whatever he was going to say about her into one of his compliments. When they emerged into a large chamber, Vezon was the first to notice that the floor was moving, but the rest of the team ignored his ramblings. Vezon continued, however, and was able to bring their attention to the floor, and what they believed were just branches were in fact thousands of crimson insects that had begun swarming and blocked the ends of the bridge. Vezon simply hummed to himself along the way. After a dispute between Brutaka and Spiriah, Brutaka ordered Vezon to stick back with Lariska. However, some insects were getting closer to Vezon and Lariska, so Roodaka mutated them to start a fight with the other insects. She then did this for the door, creating a hole in the barrier of insects that she led the charge through, to lead the team to Miserix's chamber, with Vezon commenting only then on his appearance.

Vezon began to comment on their need for a larger boat, but was stopped by Brutaka. After Brutaka asked Miserix to shapeshift to a smaller size and he refused, Vezon rambled about not wanting to sink in the boat and be

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