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Vertigo has never been good at keeping order in their presentations.  Some series have numbered spines, some don't, some jumped into numbered spines randomly.  I wonder what the masses want?  I am assuming numbered spines because it makes things easier to jump into a series blind.
The following are examples.

Series without numbers:

  • 1st printing of Sandman
  • Hellblazer (Still never fully collected)
  • Vinyl Underground
  • 1st printing of  Preacher
  • The Dreaming (Never fully collected)
Series jumping into numbers random:
  • The Invisibles (Vol. 1-6 1st printing do not have numbers... all printing of vol.7 have a #)
  • Northlanders (Vol. 1 & 2 1st printing don't have numbers, I have seen numbers on Vol. 3, yet to see one without a number.)
  • Shade the Changing Man (1st vol. no numbered spine, then it was reprinted with a new cover to continue collection... okay that makes some sense to the madness).
  • Books of magic (This was an abandoned recollected series... collected up to issue 50, Vol.1 first printing has no numbered spine.)
  • Doom Patrol (Vol. 1 first printing has no numbered spine.  Later Grant Morrison run was fully collected with new covers.)
Series with numbered spines always:
  • Fables (always had numbers)
  • jack of fables
  • The Losers
  • Human Target (Series was abandoned collected wise with 2 trades, TV tie-in trade renumbered)
  • the unwritten
  • Animal Man
  • Y: The last man
  • Sweet Tooth
  • The Unknown Soldier
  • Greek Street
  • The Exterminators
  • Testament
  • House of mystery
  • The Un-men
  • Loveless
  • Air
  • Scalped  
  • Madame Xanadu
  • Young liars
This makes no sense.... fables is one of the older series and it always had numbers.  So was Vinyl Underground and Northlanders pitched as mini series? The Invisibles is weried only number 7 has a number. There maybe more of these funny vertigo things but it it weird to me.
I didn't list 100 bullets and Transmet since my Vol. 1s are not a 1st printing... I know I suck.. so I can't confirm it never having a vol. # or not.... 
Feel free to add to these lists or discuss whats up with Vertigo?  Why are they so confused?  Maybe they need to give Berger the boot?
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The Invisibles trades weren't even printed in sequential order so that explains that numbering...they were released Vol. 1, 4, 5, 6, 2, 3, 7

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A year plus late but nice blog. Numbering is helpful, especially to the casual reader who doesn't flip a couple pages to find out what issues the trade is composed of.
I've goofed on some series and read them out of order.I like that Fables has kept the numbering so far but I wish they had kept up with the little symbols above the numbers like on Vol.11-13.

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It angers me that Hellblazer doesn't have numbering.

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As a former retailer I have to vote strongly in favor of numbered spines.

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@inferiorego said:

It angers me that Hellblazer doesn't have numbering.

me too, but to be fair they haven't collected it all so there'd be like Vol. 1-12, 18-39...I'm hoping these new editions they are putting out will collect the whole series and right the wrong of no volume numbers, although at this rate that seems like it will take a decade for them to get caught up

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DMZ and 100 bullets have numbers. so does the losers... well the other printings before all the trades were merged into 2 huge books. depends on the printings. and if they do not, they routinely have a play on the numbers in the titles of the books, like 100 bullets. first trade: first shot last call. 4th trade: a foregone tomorrow

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I don't care that Hellblazer doesn't have numbering. I read it randomly and it's kinda fun :p

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