Vertigo's '100 Bullets' Gets A "Funeral" According to Writer Brian Azzarello

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It's rare when a comic book maintains the same writer and artist team throughout it's entire run. However, this has been the case for writer Brian Azzarello's and artist Eduardo Risso's  ' 100 Bullets' since the book's release back in August of 1999, nearly ten years ago. The comic, which has seen a tremendous amount of success, will finally be coming to a close on July 11th. MTV caught up with Azzarello to discuss what it was like ending this series.

“It’s a funeral,” said Azzarello. "Okay, it’s a wake, maybe,...We did this book for nearly ten years. 100 issues with the same team — that doesn’t happen very often. I will never do that again,” he said. “Yeah, it’s stable, but it’s a big, big commitment to write something serialized for 10 years. … Maybe something that would only take two years of our time, tops — something quick and dirty.”

Azzarello had considered extending the books, but in the end, he decided against it, citing that the series will end exactly the way he had planned for it to end ten years ago this summer.

“I didn’t start writing it until I had an ending. From day one, I’ve known where this was going,” said Azzarello. “[But] about a year before it was set to end, Vertigo came to me and said, ‘If you don’t want to end it, you don’t have to.’”

The author also cited the possibility of a spin-off of his successful Vertigo series, and isn't ruling out the prospect of bringing the successful series to other mediums; television for example.

“Television — there’s an idea!” the author exclaimed. “That’s all I’ll say. Television… or maybe something that’s not just TV.”

For fans of the series, how do you feel? If you've been following Azzarello's book for the last ten years, will you be sad to see ' 100 Bullets' go? I feel like this was certainly something special that both the writer and artist put a lot of thought into. I would imagine that writing and drawing the same characters for ten years would lead the creators to grow pretty attached to the characters as well as the story line. At least I imagine that's how I would feel. You can check out ' 100 Bullets: Last Shot' in stores on July 11th.
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This is hands down the greatest achievements for a comic, to have a whole team for ten stinking years. At first i never wanted to read it, but after coaxing by Aztek an others i couldnt help but grow to love the story its awesome.

Cannot wait for teh Last Shot

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Probably my favorite book in all of comic book history. It's an example of what a modern pulp comic book should be. Also, as a writer, I can't stop saying that Brian Azzarello is one of my greatest influences.

That image is APPROVED for the sake of sheer noir awesomeness.
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Easily one of my favorite comic series of all time. Really excited for this. Unfortunately this means I'll have to catch up on the last 2 years I've missed :P

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cool any last little bit of bullets is great news

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Wait! 100 Bullets #100 wasn't the finale? :O

Then I am so excited for this!!!

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thumbs up for posting Vertigo news :D

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I've always wanted to start reading this series but never got round to it. i think that now its over i'm going to have to start it. Is there any likelyhood of some sort of epic collection that collects all the TPBs in one set(perhaps in a display box or somthing)?

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I have read the first nine trades, they were at my library which rocked. It was pretty amazing stuff. Then I heard through reviews that the later issues really went a different direction and focused more on the waring gangs and in-fighting than the individual struggles.

It is quite impressive to have the same team for 10 years! Congrats!

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i read books 1 to 4 and i have to say i reall y enjoyed the series so far i want ot finish reading this hats off to azzarello and risso your guys are awesome

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10 years is a loooong time

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Azz should get a medal for having a series running this long.  And one that he just created.  He didn't utilize any famous super heroes or anything.  He just gave us one of the most original pieces in the last 20 years.  Congrats to both him and Risso for such a great run.

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