Vertigo Characters Return "Home"

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My Faith restored that DC has some sense 
I'm a huge, huge fan of the Vertigo Imprint. I'll spare you a long speech and just say that Vertigo is the reason I started reading comics again. I was beyond disturbed when I saw Constantine (especially) and Swamp thing return to the DCU during Brightest Day. I was hoping that since this Exodus was unavoidable Didio et al. would have the good since to put Vertigo writers, particularly those whom have worked on said characters on their DCU incarnations. I must say I've become more optimistic about the reboot/launch in recent days. Today especially, when I heard what DC has planned for these reintroduced characters. Scott Snyder on Swamp Thing?! Peter Milligan on Justice League Dark (hate the name)?! Jeff Lemire on Animal Man?! I'm especially intrigued by the concept of Justice League Dark a team with Constantine, Shade the Changing Man, Madame Xanadu, Deadman? Could be interesting. Anyways how do the rest of you Vertigo dedicated think about this? Me personally, I'm looking forward to this little corner of the DCU, my copies of Xombi were getting quite lonely.  
 Really Dig This Cover
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As someone who's Vertigo reading was mostly trying to track down back issue of Sandman: Mystery Theater this seems really interesting and I might pick it up. In fact most of these new titles seem really interesting.
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This is probably the most interesting batch of relaunches so far. I have to give it that much. A lot of fresh new titles. It kind of makes up for how unimpressed I was with the "changes" to the Batman line. 
I don't know about Justice League Dark. The name's silly, and I'm kind of bored by the lineup. Individually, they're cool characters. But together? It doesn't seem like an exciting group. I'm a lot more interested in some of the other books, though. Thanks to Scott Snyder, DC can count me in for Swamp Thing. I, Vampire looks like it could be very new and interesting. Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE and Resurrection Man could be good, though my faith in the writers isn't strong but enough to at least give them tries.

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@aztek the lost said:

I'm sure I'll read them all...however, I've decided to reserve all further condemnation or optimism for these "DCU Vertigo" titles until they hit shelves.

LOL I was expecting Hellfire and Brimstone  
@Blurred View:  
Yeah that book should really be called Shadowpact. I agree that Constantine on a team as well as Shade or Xanadu is weird. Each can more than could (should) hold down a solo ongoing. But I guess I've got Hellblazer for the tried and true John and I'd rather John et. al be in Milligan's hands than anybody else's. I think I spy Enchantress and Zatanna on this team too. I'm interested to see how he balances the screen time of all these characters and the dynamic he gives them.  
I'm very much looking forward to Swamp Thing because Snyder's knocked everything I've read by him out of the park. I'm also curious to see what Lemire does with Animal Man. What I really want to see is a new take on Unknown Soldier, hell, they cancelled Dysart to take the character back , put'em to use. 
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I was really skeptical about the Man Without Fear direction for Black Panther. I thought it was just another installment of Marvel's desperate attempts to get the character to sell. And... okay, that's exactly what it was. But man, David Liss writes the hell out of it. He writes the best Black Panther I have read in a long, long time. So I'm looking forward to whatever this new Most Dangerous Man Alive direction is about, especially since it will probably be a better premise than T'Challa filling in for Matt Murdock.
Bingo he took such a weak premise and made a great series, Imagine what he can do with an open court? I'm predicting a free throw line dunk here. 
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I'm delusionally optimistic.

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