Same Universe ?

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Ok can someone tell me if the Vertigo Charactors are in the same universe as the other DC charactors ? or is Vertigo a different universe ?

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Different universe, for example, Hellblazer's John Constantine isn't the same John Constantine that appears in Justice League Dark. Some stuff that originally came from Vertigo has been merged into the DCU though.

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Ok ok can some tell me the differentses between the Constantines ?

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@Kid_Omega_Prime: their histories are different, because Hellblazer takes place in real time and the Constantine in Justice League Dark is a few decades younger, that means except for the origin, they lead very different lives

also, Vertigo isn't a universe, the books aren't tied to one another, they take place in different universes

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This must be the most asked question about Vertigo.

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Well, Google tells me the most asked questions about Vertigo are "what is vertigo?" and "what are common causes of vertigo?" and then "is vertigo a different universe" but... yeah. :D

Especially now Vertigo is no longer a "separate universe" even among somewhat shared properties... most of the non-creator owned properties have been reintegrated. The lone exception as noted is Hellblazer.

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Thanks for the help.

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