Reviews 03/22/11

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 The Unwritten #22 - Excellent. Carey is creating something very special. I love the ending. The potential interactions between these fictional characters is going to be interesting.

American Vampire #12 - This issue was probably the strongest thus far as we get to see Skinner Sweet in all of his nastiness unleashed. This would be a good done-in-one affair for anyone interested in getting a taste for the book.

Cinderella: Fables Are Forever #1 - A textbook perfect first issue. This was a refreshing book to read after reading a litany of recent first issues just being strictly by the numbers. The mystery gets established immediately, the character interactions are awesome, and there is little time wasted here in pointless expository set-up. I'm really excited for this.

Fables #102 - This is a textbook case for how not to do a first issue in an arc. Lots of talk, very little action, especially given that this arc is supposed to be about a Fables superhero team. It's basically Bigby and Fly taking a stroll to see Mr. Dark at the edge of the woods. This is apparently a problem.

House of Mystery #35 - A decent end to this arc, but a great short story at the end. The story at the end would have fit very well in with the classic House of Mystery. The best part of this book remains the shorts.

Joe the Barbarian #8 - A great ending for this miniseries. Despite the tardiness of this issue, I thought this was a strong ending for Grant Morrison. This is perhaps his most lucid piece of work in a long time. I'm going to read this soon in one sitting. I think it will remain a strong story without having majors delays in-between issues.  

Doom Patrol #19 - Unreadable since I didn't get the Secret Six issue. This title is getting canned anyway. I can't harsh on it too much for depending on my getting an issue of Secret Six.

Justice League: Generation Lost #19-20 - Strong issues, but I've already read that DC really did not pull the trigger on the big death featured in issue #19. this is a great book because it just embraces its superhero leanings without trying to pretend it's something it really is not.

Booster Gold #41 - An okay issue. Nothing spectacular to write home about. I may drop this title once Bland Jurgens is returning.

Batman: Conspiracy #1 - This is one of the $7.99 100-page spectaculars DC has been cranking out. I love them because it allows me to read some decent stories for a fairly cheap price. This collects Legends of the Dark Knight #'s 86-88 and Detective Comics 821. The main story wasn't bad, but the J.H. William's artwork was excellent.

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