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So I recently picked up this Vertigo preview thing which had a Fairest preview in it and liked what I saw but I'm a bit concerned that I'd be out of the loop as I've never read an issue of Fables. I know its only been one issue but could use some opinions on how it it is for newcomers/non fables readers. If I was to read Fables I really wouldn't have the patience to catch up on a hundred plus issues in trade. Could anyone recommend a recent-ish jumping on point or any must read arcs? And if anyone picked up Voodoo Child today, is that any good? Seems interesting. Thanks!

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Bump =(

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@HotSauceCommittee: I know the hardship man, I've been catching up on Fables to read Fairest (I read all but two of the trades in two months *_* ) 
Anyway, it seems that Fairest itself is a new story, so I say maybe read the last collected volume of Fables, "Rose Red" To be honest, I like Fables, and although it has 100 plus issues, not THAT much happens, I can pretty much sum it up in a paragraph.
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@The Stegman: Thanks dude, will have a look for it on Amazon now.

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@HotSauceCommittee: oh btw There's one more trade after Rose Red, it's Super Team, and before you search on Amazon, check your local library to save some dough.

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