DC fires top Vertigo editors; 80 employees relocate or be fired

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Sad day not only for Wildstorm but also for Vertigo :(  

Three top editors from DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint have been laid off as part of the company’s restructuring: Joan Hilty, Pornsak Pichetshote and Jonathan Vankin, with as many as 80 of DC’s estimated 250 employees are expected to be relocated or to be fired.

A veteran editor and cartoonist, Hilty began working for DC in 1995 in the Trading Cards department before moving to the DC Universe and Vertigo imprints, where she gave writer Brian K. Vaughan his break on Swamp Thing.  Hilty oversaw a variety of books, from Blue Beetle to Manhunter to the animation-based titles.

Pichetshote, frequently cited as a rising star at the company, edited such titles as The Unwritten, Sweet Tooth, and Joe the Barbarian. He’s rumored to be targeted for recruitment by Marvel Comics.

A journalist turned author and comics writer, Vankin penned titles like The Witching, Vertigo Pop! Tokyo and Vertigo Pop! Bangkok before becoming an editor for the imprint in 2004. He oversaw such books as Hellblazer and The Quitter, as well as some of the Vertigo Crime line.    

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Pornsak? Really? ROFLMFAO!

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