Any good Vertigo titles?

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What are some good comics currently being published by Vertigo? Everything Vertigo I have read are in collected volumes, so I was wondering what some good current titles are.

PS: Not Fables. I'm currently reading the back issues and working my way up. So I don't want to read the newest issues yet.

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I know I shouldn't be surprised about this not getting any replies, yet I am a little.



Hellblazer is the best current title but it's ending in February :( and you're probably reading it in trades. The Unwritten is the second best title followed by Sweet Tooth, though that's ending with issue #40 that's coming out this week.


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@Billy Batson:

I actually haven't started reading Hellblazer yet. It's on my list.

How is Unwritten?

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Damn you :p

It's in the similar vein of Sandman (which you love) and Lucifer.


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