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Veronica Frankenstein is a daughter of Ludwig Frankenstein (an enemy of the Silver Surfer) and younger sister to Victoria Frankenstein. When she learned that the original Frankenstein monster had revived in the modern era, she hired private investigator Eric Prawn to bring it to her. When the mission was accomplished Veronica explained her wish to recompensate for the ill-treatment the Frankenstein family had reserved for it since its creation. She started by performing a larynx surgery restoring to the creature his lost ability to speak.

While the surgery was ongoing the ICON organization attacked Veronica's headquarters in Switzerland. Apparently her lover Werner Schmidt was one of their agents and had been spying on her for quite a while. The building was successfully defended by Prawn and Ralph Caccone, a friend of the monster. Meanwhile the monster awoke and left on his own to find a place to recover following the surgery. Veronica was last seen consoling Ralph who was shocked at all the killing he performed in a single day.

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