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Designation: VF-1S
Mecha Class: Veritech fighter, aerospace capable
Crew: 1 pilot
Weight: 13.3 metric tons (dry)

In fighter mode configuration, the VF-1S has a length of 14.2 meters and a height of 3.8 meters. The wingspan ranges from 8.3 meters to 14.8 meters depending on whether they' are in open or closed positions. The max speed that this fighter can reach depends on the altitude it's at. At sea level, VF-1S reaches a speed of Mach 1.4. at 10,000 meters above sea level, Mach 2.7, and at 30,000 meters it reaches Mach 3.9.

 In Guardian mode configuration, the length of the VF-1S is 11 meters, while the height increases to 9.7 meters due to the boosters turning in it's legs. the wingspan stays the same in guardian mode as it is in Fighter mode. The speed stays at a constant maximum at all altitudes reaching 500kph.

In Battloid mode configuration, the height reaches 12.7 meters, a depth of 4 meters, and a width of 7.3 meters. The speed stays at a constant maximum at all altitudes reaching 194kph, and a max walking speed of 160 kph.

the Veritech VF-1S is equipped with; 1 x 3-barreled 55mm Gatling cannon in a gun pod. Four laser cannons, mounted on the head/turret. Two lasers in the nose (only fighters n the SDF-1) and Four wing hard points (2 per wing) each capable of carrying:
- 3 x 300mm medium range missiles, or
- 1 (inner) or 2 (outer) x 533mm long range missiles, or
- 1 x short-range multiple ejection 150mm missile launcher containing 15 missiles

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