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After his father disappeared, he was raised by his human mother along with his twin brother, Dante. But tragedy would strike when he was 8 years old as his mother is killed. What he did after her death is unknown, but he would return almost 10 years later to claim the power his father sealed away... which would ultimately lead to his decent into hell where he he is defeated and brainwashed by Mundus, the king of hell that Sparda sealed away 2,000 years prior. Mundus has made Vergil more powerful as his own dark knight- Nelo Angelo.

Major Story Arcs

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry, the first game in the series (not chronologically) was Vergil’s first appearance in the series. Whilst on, Dante is confronted by the mysterious Nelo Angelo, a large individual clad in gothic armor; under the control of Mundus. During their first fight, Dante is bested by Nelo Angelo, though upon seeing Dante’s amulet, he relents and flees. However, Dante goes on to win their second fight.

When Dante comes across Nelo Angelo for the third and final time, he removes his helmet revealing that he is Dante's twin brother...Vergil. Dante defeats Vergil once again, and Vergil disappears in a display of energy…leaving only his half of the amulet. It is up to the player to decide if he truly died or not. The amulet left behind coincides with Dante’s and "Force Edge” (Sparda’s legendary sword, now owned by Dante) to unlock Force Edge’s true form…the Sparda Sword.

Devil May Cry 3

Vergil vs. Dante

Vergil’s first appearance was in DMC1, chronologically however, Devil May Cry 3 is Vergil’s first video-game appearance. In this installment, Vergil is arrogant yet far more mature than Dante, he acts as the main protagonist whose main goal is to acquire more power.In the Special Edition, Vergil’s cut-scene shows him in a library in which he meets Arkam for the first time. Vergil comes to a reluctant agreement with Arkham, Vergil needs Arkham’s knowledge of the Temen-ni-gu - a huge tower dormant for millennial, essentially it is a gateway between the human and demon world), and Arkham seeks the story of Sparda.Vergil appears as a boss fight 3 times, each time more challenging than the last as Vergil acquires new weapons. His signature katana, Yamato previously owned by Sparda appears in all three; Beowulf, the gauntlets and greaves, appear in the second, and Force Edge, Sparda’s signature weapon, in the third fight.Dante is bested in their first fight; in turn unlocked his dormant Devil Trigger but losing his half of the amulet. Their second fight is interrupted by Lady, and soon after, Arkham/Jester, whom Vergil previously betrayed (though Arkham had plans to betray Vergil anyway). Vergil also loses Beowulf after this fight, leaving them for Dante. Whilst in the demon realm, Vergil aids Dante in destroying Arkham, who has absorbed Sparda’s power through Force Edge and the amulets and becomes a monstrosity. Straight after, the two battle for the final time, with Vergil uttering one of his most famous lines, “I need more power”. Vergil loses out, dropping Force Edge before falling (purposefully) of the cliff and plunging into the underworld.In a bonus cut-scene, Vergil is shown in the underworld, making his decision to take the fight to Mundus (the main antagonist of DMC1, whom Sparda defeated millennia ago), saying “If my father did it, I should be able to do it too.”, before sprinting off to battle.It is safe to assume Vergil lost this battle due to the events of DMC1.

Powers and Abilities

Vergil like his twin brother Dante his a half demon born to the human woman Eva and the Dark Knight Sparda. He was gifted with great power since his father was the demon to defeat the armies of Mundus and save the human realm. Since Vergil, unlike Dante, embraces his demon heritage he gains Devil Trigger at a younger age and seems to have the advantage over Dante early on. Vergil has increased strength being able to effortlessly crack stone as well as blinding speed and can teleport. Through his Dark Slayer style of combat Vergil is able to make long distance slashes that seem to form blue orbs around his enemies releasing multiple slashes. Vergil for another long distance attack can summon blue energy swords which can encircle his waist for added defense or be launched at enemies for an extra attack. Vergil is an amazing swordsman with Yamato, the katana left for him by his father Sparda. It seems to be an almost extension of Vergil himself since his Devil Trigger form fuses the scabbard to Vergil's arm. Vergil is able to block and catch bullets with his sword and even redirect them back at attackers. Vergil has also shown proficiency with other Devil Arms such has the gauntlet and grieve set Beowulf and utilizing the sealed Force Edge along with Yamato in a 2 sword style. Vergil abhors guns as weak weapons undeserving of a true warrior. The only time Vergil has used a gun was during his battle with Arkham alongside his brother Dante, using Ebony while Dante used Ivory to deliver the final shot. Vergil is most always calm and cool unlike his brother giving him a cold calculating disposition. Vergil has been known to underestimate humans since he considers demons superior and like his brother, his regenerative capabilities seem to lessen the more damage he takes.

As Nelo Angelo, Vergil gained even more dark power though was limited in his potential and intelligence thanks to Mundus' control. He still showed the warriors pride he held when free, but would be crippled by anything that would remind him of his past like his mother amulet. Since Vergil had lost Yamato he used a large broadsword and gothic like armor along with his trademark summoned swords.

Other Appearances


Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble - Vergil appeares as a playable character alongside other Devil May Cry favorites Dante, Trish, and Sparda.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Vergil appears in the updated as one of 12 new playable characters. His appearance is based on his Devil May Cry 3 look just like his brother Dante. His moves all come from his Dark Slayer Style and utilize his summoned swords as well as his Devil Trigger. Vergil's rival for the game is Iron Fist since they both represent Asian influences through their fighting styles and are on opposite sides. His ending shows him defeating Wolverine to acquire the Muramasa Blade for more power. His DLC costume will be his Nelo Angelo form in Devil May Cry.

DMC - Vergil is set to appear in this alternate reality retelling of Devil May Cry. He is still Dante's brother and unlike Dante retains his white hair. Vergil from his debut trailer seems to be hunting the demons alongside whatever organization Dante will be dragged into. Vergil still has his katana and long trench coat though it is black with hints of blue inside and on the buttons along with a blue scarf wrapped on his arm. He is also playable in Vergil's Chronicles DLC on his own missions.

Vergil in DMC

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