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Venusaur is the evolution of Ivysaur (evolving at level 32). Venusaur is much slower then its pre-volutions because of its sheer size as well as the weight of the flower on its back. But this size does give its advantages, main one being high defensive stats.  
Venusaur gains energy from absorbing sunlight by the flower, and it is because of this that Venusaur needs to constantly find more sunlight. 
Pronunciation: Vee-Nuh-Sore 
Number: 3 
Height: 6'7'' 
Weight: 221 LBS 
In Games 
Not only has Venusaur appeared in the Pokemon franchise for GameBoy, GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS but it has also appeared in some other games. These being: Pokemon Stadium 1&2, in Super Smash Brothers 64 (as a random Pokemon appearing in Saffron City stage using Razor Leaf), as a Poke Ball Pokemon in Smash Brothers Melee (using Earthquake) and in Hey You! Pickachu!

Using Razor Leaf


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