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Dee Milo's mutant powers manifested when she was eleven years old, resulting in a catastrophic blast that destroyed her grandparents' home, seemingly killing her parents, grandparents and two older brothers. Her mutation had turned her into a being of pure energy and Dee was later discovered by Professor X, who designed a containment suit that would allow her a humanoid appearance.

Believing she had killed her entire family, Dee grew up with many problems, suffering from bipolar disorders, terrible nightmares and several suicide attempts. Making a measure of recovery, she eventually took interest in super heroics and signed up to join the media-friendly team X-Force.


Venus Dee Milo was created by Mike Allred and Peter Milligan and first appeared in X-Statix Issue 1 (2002).

Major Story Arcs


Venus got her chance after the team returned from a mission that claimed the life of their teleporter, the popular U-Go Girl. Still mourning U-Go Girl's death, Orphan sought to prevent Venus from being a part of the team (now renamed as X-Statix) as he felt Venus was too pure and beautiful join. After Venus explained her own background, he relented.

Venus' entry into X-Statix remained difficult, though. Dead Girl resented Venus for usurping her chances at the title of 'the sexy one'. Even worse, a preexisting contract with a talent agent, Solomon O'Sullivan, prevented her from being a member of the team. When Solomon's other clients, the made-for-TV team known as O-Force were being slaughtered, Venus managed to convince him to destroy the contract so she could rescue the survivors.


Later on, Professor Xavier expressed concern for Dee's development as a young woman and designed a suit with greater tactile sensitivity - allowing her to become physically intimate with another. After confronting a physical manifestation of her long-buried fears relating to a childhood trauma, Dee and Orphan finally consummated their love. At a passionate moment, she accidentally teleported herself and Guy to a strange dimension where she found her father, mother and grandmother alive and well, having been shunted there by her initial power manifestation. (There was no mention as to what happened to her siblings and grandfather.) Despite this happy revelation, trouble began to stir in Orphan and Venus' relationship. Venus knew of Orphan's lingering feelings for U-Go Girl, something that strained their relationship. As a result, Venus felt as though she was living in another woman's shadow, resenting U-Go Girl until she stumbled upon Edie's secret diaries. After reading them, Venus was able to put her jealousy aside.

Last Shots

Venus continued to serve as a member of X-Statix with increased confidence, proving to be a valuable asset in several missions. After a confrontation with the Avengers, X-Statix decided to disband. Venus had been offered a record contract and, similarly, all of the other members had similar offers that would take them away from the team.

Wanting one final paycheck, the team decided to undertake one more mission. This proved catastrophic, however. Several members of the team were quickly felled and Venus, severely injured and unable to attack or safely teleport herself and the others to safety, chose to sacrifice herself by teleporting several attacking helicopters far away. Weakened, her molecules were dispersed, presumably killing her.

That being said, Venus was one of the only X-Statix members not seen in the afterlife in [[X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl:vol:18483]]. Like many energy-based characters, it is possible that she is not dead and just has to regather her molecules.


Venus Dee Milo is composed of pure energy and relies on her containment suit to maintain a cohesive physical form. She can use her energy to teleport herself and large groups over great distances, project offensive blasts, and even heal others.

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