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Venus was a G.I Doll, a female counterpart of the Genetic Infantrymen created to fight the war on Nu-Earth. Venus originally provided technical support at Milli-Com, as all Dolls would, but hated the attention thrown on her by the human male superiors. Venus was also originally the interest of Helm but cared more for Rogue, who she saved from death in the Quartz Zone Massacre by fortifying his Drop Capsule with extra armour. Later sent by Colonel Kovert to watch over Rogue, the two fought side by side until Rogue's exit from the series.

Venus became a loner later, travelling the wastes of Nu Earth as a gun and mechanic for hire. Later she rejoined Rogue Trooper and his new platoon, there meeting the second generation of GI, Friday, who she became travelling companion to when Rogue's platoon was wiped out. In a nod to the original Rogue Trooper, Venus' gun was implanted with a bio-chip belonging to a mentally unstable deceased GI called Eightball.


Venus first appeared in 2000AD prog 319 (Milli-Com Memories episode two). She was created by original Rogue Trooper co-creator Gerry Finley-Day and artist Cam Kennedy.

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