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Ventus is a young boy who was found by Xehanort. He was trained by Xehanort to battle Neoshadow heartless. Ventus was too weak to use his rage. Xehanort extracted Ven's negativity and it became a person named Vanitas. Ventus was sent to Destiny Islands for rest. He was greeted by a newborn's heart. The newborn wanted to have his heart fused with Ven's. Ven's heart was healed and given a keyblade. Ven was sent to the Land of Departure where Master Eraqus teaches with Terra and Aqua. Ventus lost his memory since he healed. Xehanort wanted Ventus to fuse with Vanitas to reforge the X-Blade. When Ven came to Eraqus, Eraqus wanted to kill Ven since he had darkness in him. At the Keyblade Graveyard, Ven came face to face with Vanitas. Vanitas looked like Sora since Ven contacted Sora's heart. They both fused and forged the X-Blade. Aqua broke the X-Blade since it was 1/10th complete. Ven's heart came to Sora and fused in Sora's body. After Sora stabbed himself with Ansem's keyblade, Roxas ended up looking and sounding like Ventus.

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