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The Venturns were ruled by Lokar, a warrior king who believed in every superstition. Lokar was so superstitious that despite his desire for conquest, he wouldn't attempt an invasion of the neighbouring planet Parthea unless he received a favourable omen. One day Lokar saw his omen in the form of a brilliant explosion of light in the sky. The Venturan army were ordered to prepare their starships for an attack. However on closer inspection the light turned out to be a falling star that would shortly collide with Venturas and destroy the planet. Hearing this Lokar ordered the guns be removed from their ships so all the citizens could board. The star collided with Venturas as soon as the ships had taken off, turning the would be conquerors into refugees who now have to plead with the Partheans for asylum.


The Venturans were created by brothers Stan Lee and Larry Lieber and first appears in "The Omen" in 1964.

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