Will the upcoming event require reading up?

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I was reading Iron Man and I saw the ad for the upcoming Venom event that involves one of my favorite characters, X-23. Seeing as her own series is getting canceled, I was quick to pledge my loyalty to Venom because X-23 is a great character. My only question is for the current Venom fanatics, is there anything leading up to the event that I'll need to read or is it just a brand new event?

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No there isnt really any need to read up but venom has only been running 12 issues, I recommend it to anyone Rick Remender is an amazing writer, so if I was you I would read venom up to date. The main problem Im having with this mini event is that it is self contained with in the Venom book and every issue comes out this month, which I think is a 6 part story.

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I recommend you read up for the sake of it being a great series, but the recap page should get you up to speed if you don't.

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All of the players (Venom, X-23, Rulk, and Ghost Rider) meet up at the start of the event (Venom 13). The only thing you are missing by not reading Venom is that RULK is chasing him because he went AWOL and Flash doesn't really have control of the symbiote any longer. From my understanding, we learn why Ghost Rider and X-23 show up in the first issue.

I agree with Red_Lightining_Alpha in that while you don't need to read the previous 12 issue to jump into this event, Remender is amazing and you should do yourself the favor and pick them up at some point.

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