Who would you like to see as a Symbiote host?

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I want to see Howard The Duck bonded with Venom lol!

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@G Bird said:
" I want to see Howard The Duck bonded with Venom lol! "
That would be worth the cover price :)
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@Trueform Darkside said:
" Who do you think would make an entertaining symbiote host? here's my recommendations: Joker + Carnage Batman + Venom Dr Octopus + either symbiote Yeah, bat-venom vs Jokarnage would be cool "
For Joker it's
and bats is
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micky mouse.
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I would like to see Crossbones with the venom symbiote and maybe Bullseye with the Carnage symbiote. It would be awesome if both dueled with their mentioned symbiotes.

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@John Valentine said:
" Moon Knight is looking up. "
Yeah, there was originally supposed to be a symbiote Moon Knight in Spiderman Web of Shadows, but the ditched the idea. Too bad. It would have been awesome.
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Wolverine was also a symbiote  in the video game *web of shadows* :3  
i havent played it soo i dont know what went on there

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Foggy Nelson
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I would love to see mysterio into a symbiote that will look a mystical alien somewhat so cant wait for that possibility. Lizard too. 

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Deadpool, Thor, Hulk and Wolverine  oh yeah and Captain America  think thats it 
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I would totally want to see a Symbiote Darth Vader. I might actually draw it out. It would look pretty epic. 
I think a symbiote Gambit would be interesting too.

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Mr Fantasic
venom thor ;D
More Venom thor
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Deadpool with a double symbiote melding of Venom & Carnage, each symbiote being the black or the red colouring of his costume. Two extra voices in his head to keep the other two voices in his head company

Norman Osborn with the Lasher symbiote. The Green Goblin with a green symbiote

Bullseye, Northstar, Havok and Morbius with the Venom symbiote, same colour scheme.

Same goes for Daredevil or Elektra with Carnage

Kraven the Hunter with Venom symbiote would have made Kravenom's first hunt!

I'd love to see the symbiote become Dr Strange's flowing cape

But my favourite idea would be Taskmaster with a symbiote because the Taskmaster is dangerous and he's pretty much just a human. A symbiote would give him: superhuman strength, speed, endurance, agility, healing factor, intelligence and enhances other natural attributes as well, can become blades/fangs/claws/spikes as weapons and his costume would just be altered to him having the trademarkable toothy grin

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Well the Symbiote will always throw away any host it has for Spider-man (and possibly Eddie Brock). Before Spider-Island turned Kaine back to normal I always thought he would become the new Venom. Everything fitted Kaine was dying the Symbiote could have stopped his degeneration, as he is a clone of Peter Parker the symbiote would have been happy as it was back with its first host and they both hated Spider-man in my opinion that was a perfect match but that won't be happening now of course.

So now i'm not really sure. I really don't like Flash as Venom it just seems wrong. I think Morlun would be quite a good host as Venom but I would like to see Venom take on a different threat for a change. All his hosts so far have been reliant on brute force. I'd quite like to see Venom take over someone like Electro or how about Spider-Woman she can fly and has "Venom-blasts" lol would make a change to have a female Venom again.

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Iron Man Symbiote
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@Shiryu: your were right on the money, can you pick the lottery numbers for me lol

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@Vance Astro: Wolverine was take over by the Carnage symbiote in Carnage USA, i don't think healing factor make a difference

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@DalekDoctor2011 said:

@Vance Astro: Wolverine was take over by the Carnage symbiote in Carnage USA, i don't think healing factor make a difference

But in New Avengers a symbiote got on him and his healing factor was fighting it until it got ripped off completely. Like half of him was symbiote and the other half was Wolverine.
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@Vance Astro: Well Carnage had prep to do the possession feat and the symbiote didn't actually separate from Cassidy while performing the feat it just kind of extended its bio-mass. There's a possibility that as it was still connected to Kasady that the connection was more powerful as Logan would not just have to fight off the symbiote but also Kasady's influence.

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My intelligent input: 
Kraven + Venom = OMG 
Bullseye + Carnage = OMG

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Jason Todd


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