Who would make a good/interesting host for the Venom symbiote?

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Who would make a good/interesting host for the Venom symbiote? Just in case Flash stops being Venom, who would/should be the next Venom (whether the person is in control can be up to you).

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I'd like to see Spidey get it back for a while, use his Horizon funding, build something to keep it in control if it starts getting out of hand. It would be interesting to see what he does with that much boosted power level these days.

#3 Posted by r3d_rob1n (541 posts) - - Show Bio

If Peter stops being Spider-man, perhaps he dies, it would be interesting to see if the symbiote could crawl into his grave and make a zombie Peter Parker Venom. I'm grasping desperately at anything that could possibly bring back Peter if he is killed haha

#4 Posted by Superguy0009e (2265 posts) - - Show Bio

Any Horizon Lab employee would be interesting.

#5 Posted by Strider92 (16906 posts) - - Show Bio

I always thought Spider-Woman (Drew) would make an interesting host. She-Venom's don't tend to last that long so it would be good to have a longer last one for a change plus the fact she's got a different powerset to most of the others. Her Venom-blasts would match name then lol!

If not her probably Parker again. The symbiote is on a lifelong quest to get back with him after all.

#6 Posted by Cap10nate (2907 posts) - - Show Bio

Fank Castle. Be fun to see what he would do with the power boost. Plus the symbiote might like his violent nature.

#7 Posted by The_Peter_Cosmic (401 posts) - - Show Bio

Daredevil, I'm pretty sure the suit would give him actual vision since symbiotes are able to see out of any part of themselves. I wouldn't want to see it long term, but it would be cool to see in a short arc.

#8 Posted by Aros001 (756 posts) - - Show Bio

I've come to believe that X-23 would be kind of a cool host for it. Or for a good story (or just to mess with Peter) it could be attached to Mary Jane or Black Cat.

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I'm very happy with Flash Thompson and would be sad to see him lose it.

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Sabretooth or Daken, someone deadly and feral, so the symbiote makes them super-savage

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Can you imagine what a beast he would be with the symbiote added to his skills?

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most of the names already listed would be awesome.

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For a surprise, add background to gain attention. It would be funny if it is member from the Serpent Society. How about Frog-Man he can be called Poison Arrow along with his name, get it?

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luke cage, daredevil, ms. marvel

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Black Widow.

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Eddie Brock

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the hulk

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@Cap10nate said:

Frank Castle. Be fun to see what he would do with the power boost. Plus the symbiote might like his violent nature.

That'd be bad@ss

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the man thing, or maybe nightcrawler

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Anyone venom has been a hand-me down since Brock got rid of it. There is enough people in 616 with spider-like powers. Besides venom has been on everyone. I would love to see what it would do with It's first love Peter. Peter with the actual venom suit getting mad and "venoming out" would be sweet to see.

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Aunt May.

#22 Posted by powerflux (88 posts) - - Show Bio


they actually did that! there is a venom punisher mini series, or a what if comic, i cant remember which, but either way there is actually a storyline, and an action figure!

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