What characters do you think should show up in Venom?

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If you haven't noticed, Remender really likes using old and forgotten or underused villains. I never thought I'd see Crime-Master pop up in mainstream continuity again. So that begs the question; what characters currently flying under the radar would you like to see resurface in the pages of Venom? Personally, I'd like to see Spidercide; we've all gotten over the Clone Saga, right? Spidercide would be cool to see resurface, but Spidey seems to have his hands full at the moment, and given Remender's aforementioned propensity for bringing back old villains. . .

Another character I'd like to see: Carmilla Black, who is pretty cool but hasn't really done much lately - she hasn't been seen since (so far as I know) since that one appearance in the Gauntlet with a crappy redesign and some questionable characterization. She's proven capable of mimicking the symbiote's powers by producing her own pseudo-symbiote. You can't tell me that kind of ability wouldn't be interesting to have around in a Venom comic.

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Eddie's Ex wife, bring her back and see what she can do

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I want a Scorpion vs Venom battle.

I also wanna see Venom teaming up with:

Ororo Munroe aka Storm

Squirrel Girl


Red Hulk

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