Probablility of Agent Venom returning in Marvel "relaunch?"

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What do you guys think? I really like the character Agent Venom, but don't have my hopes up for Flash Thompson and Venom reprising their roles when marvel relaunches in October. Any other characters that you guys are worried about not seeing?

Side note, how do you tag other ComicVine pages in your post? I wanted to link this to Flash Thompson, as well as Spidey and the Secret Avengers.

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Considering Cullen Bunn is taking over writing duties on Venom, I'd say his chances of being around are pretty high.

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I hope so. I love this Venom. If you want to tag things press the @ to call out people and # to link pages on CV

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Meh. I hope they return to the basics and bring back Brock's Venom.

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@BiteMe-Fanboy said:

Meh. I hope they return to the basics and bring back Brock's Venom.

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@2scoops: Axel said in his CBR weekly column that the Marvel Now comics will be expanding their line. I am assuming that this means few comics will be getting cancelled. As somebody else mentioned, Cullen Bunn is co-writing the current arc with Rick Remender as a transition before he takes over solo writing duties with the next arc.

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Also from the CBR Forums:

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Venom getting canned wouldn't really be here nor there to me as i'm indifferent towards Flash Venom. I don't hate him but I don't like him either.

They need to bring back Brock as Anti-Venom. That series I would read!!!

Glad to see Scarlet Spider is still going to be running that series is awesome!

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Unfortunately, Venom ends when Marvel Now! starts.

I spoke with my comic store today and they said it ends soon or around that time. But Venom is still in Secret Avengers and that's still carrying on with Remender, but we'll just have to wait and see what happens with Venom. Hopefully it doesn't end, even with Bunn writing, though i think Bunn would do him decent enough.

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Whether or not Venom will have its/his own title in this reboot/reset/re-whatever is a different question.

Venom as a bestial monster worked well when he was a villain/supporting character in other people's books.

Remender has put together a pretty compelling way to make use of the idea of Venom that works really well in a solo book. Considering that he (Remender) is being moved to some of the top Marvel books, I think they'll probably let his Venom hang out for a while longer unless he has a new concept.

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How does one talk to one's comic store? More importantly, does it talk back? "Yeeeeeeessssssss, buy more DC titlllllllles, nobody knows what's happening with Maaaaarveeeeeeel... oohoohoowohoowohowoohoow...."

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