Mickey Rourke as Venom

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Think about it.

We know Rourke as the ability to play rough, thuggish characters (Marv, Sin City), we know he's straight up an amazing actor (RumbleFish, The Wrestler which I hear was amazing, That one scene in The Pledge), we know Eddie was middle-agedish so that qualifies Rourke right from the get go and we know he would take his job seriously.

I mean, let's go back to Marv. That was one of the most dead one embodiments of a comic book character I have every seen. His narrations, how he moved, all of it was perfect.

And a good actor is desperately needed in a movie like this. You know I love the character Venom, but let's face it: most of his story arcs were badly written with loose ends everywhere (Thanks Howard Mackie), and the Eddie Brock character never really played out into anything but a butt-hurt Spider-Man wannabe.

With that said, whatever shape the script is in, if you get the right guy to play Venom, you basically have your film right there. Fans want to see a bad-ass Eddie Brock fck up some fools, and they want it done right (no offense Topher).

Best actor we have for the roll, besides some unknown who won't generate any buzz for the film is Rourke.

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Rourke is already playing Whiplash in Iron Man 2.

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Korg said:
Rourke is already playing Whiplash in Iron Man 2.
I am aware of this.

However, as we know Whiplash was sort of a minor character in terms of Iron Man villains, it is possible that Iron Man 2 may be his only apperance in the series, meaning that for him to play both characters wouldn't really affect anything. Obviously I'm just speculating.

Also, did Venom and Whiplash ever face off? I doubt it. Meaning that even if he did play two characters, it's not like they'd ever meet.
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He sounds alright  but isn't the Venom movie coming out in 2010 I haven't really kept track.

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Naw i say someone who is buff and can act play Venom. Too bad Micheal cLark Duncan too older for the part.

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That and he's black and Eddie Brock isn't
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I liked him as the Kingpin though, and that worked pretty well

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Chuck Norris should play venom.

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chuck norris shouldn't play venom. chuck norris sucks.

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@santeria_smith: In 3 hours, your gone.
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Mickey Rourke can get in shape.

I actually thought about a black guy playing Venom. Might as well, since they've already fucked up his character once. Maybe a black actor would be a refreshing twist.

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@lolidude said:
" @santeria_smith: In 3 hours, your gone. "
lol, ok. im just kidding man. just the whole "chuck norris is the greatest" thing annoys me.
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Ron Perlman. However he has already got Hellboy down and that's his roll.  I was also thinking Hank Azaria.  He did the voice of Venom and Eddie in the Spider-Man cartoon but he can also act.  He's around Eddie's age and in "Run Fat boy Run"  he is somewhat built.  NOt skinny as hell like Topher Grace.  It could work in a way.  Or I was thinking Vincent Denofrio.  He is a chameleon when it comes to different roles.

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Huh. Ron Perlman.

Somehow I think he's too sweet to play that role. But then again, sweet might not be such a bad thing for this movie, as long as it doesn't get over done (example: if he has a love interest in the film, and i assume he will, there better not be some cutesy scene where she tells the symbiote to make eddie look more fashionable which results in a 2 minute fashion show played for laughs or I'm throwing a brick through Marvel's window)

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