List of Marvel Character who wore the Venom Symbiote

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Hey, does anyone know who ALL has wore the Venom Symbiote?  
And, for fun, which characters would you most like to see get put together with the Venom Symbiote?  
Who has worn it? 
Spider Man 
Eddie Brock of course  
The Scorpion 
That's all I know of!    
I'd like to see the following people throw it on for a run around town: 
Mr. Fantastic   
The blue eyed everlovin' Thing  
Professor X  
Captain America 
Doc Ock  

And outside Marvel: 

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As for a character I would like to see put together with the symbiote probably Hulk.

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My favourite Flash Thompson (the current venom)

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Mac Gargan

Eddie Brock

Angelo Fortunato

Anne Weying

Patricia Robertson

Normie Osborn

May Parker

Peter Parker

Carol Danvers

Flash Thompson

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@kingjoeg: I agree he is my favourite also. But of course I like the classic Eddie Brock also

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I'm probably not as well informed on this one as I might be, however  
How about a crossover story where Batman gives Spiderman his black costume? Young Peter does a summer internship in Gotham, with Dr. Conners. He intends to follow the doc, make sure he doesn't get himself into any more lizard-like trouble, and who should break in one late night but Killer Croc!  
Batman suggests, hey, maybe a darker more functional costume.  Next thing you know, Spiderman is fighting off freakin Eddie Brock and ole Bat's tries to come to the rescue.  

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Not read much of Flash as Venom but am looking forward to it in Secret Avengers. It's always been about classic Eddie for me though, couldn't really get used to Gargan being in the suit I mean he was ok it just wasn't Venom, kinda why I'm intrigued with Flash at least it's a completely different take on it.

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