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Todays rant is about Flash Thompson being Venom. A lot of people are complaining that they want Eddie Brock back as Venom. That Eddie Brock is the one and only Venom. No Venom is a symbiote that came from space. It attaches itself to people and feeds on their emotions and powers. For all we know Venom could have had other weaker host before it got to earth. Eventually it was bound to happen that Venom would attach itself to another host. I say give Flash Thompson a chance. After all some people were wining and complaining when Bruce Wayne was gone and Dick Greyson had to pick up the mantle of Batman but he fell into the role and people accepted it. Stop being so fickle. Everyone complains that comic book writers don't do anything fresh or that a character is getting stale and then when they do something new with character everyone jumps all over them. Give Flash Thompson a chance. Eddie Brock is not Venom and he probably won't be Venom again. If he does it probably won't be for a long time. His character has evolved. Stop trying to make him regress just so you can be happy as a comic book fan. Learn to roll with the tide and be happy with what the writers give you. If it fails then complain.

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Totally agree. Just one thing.  
@punchline said:

For all we know Venom could have had other weaker host before it got to earth.  "

This seems to imply that we don't know the symbiote's origins, when we in fact do. It was locked in a prison containment unit on Battleworld, due to being deemed insane by its own race. (Because it wanted to join with one host rather than jump from one to the other and kill them all off). 
Then Spider-man found it and brought it back to Earth.
Just saying.
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Sorry forgot about that. Need to go back and reread my venom

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