Flash should be VENOM'S main host, but others can still borrow it

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Obviously, according to future Venom headlines, Flash Gordon is here to stay for a nice lengthy run with the symbiote. He will be featured in many stories coming up, being involved with way more than just Spiderman, but with the Secret Avengers, as well as X-23, Red Hulk, and (SHE-) Ghost Rider on a temporary team up.

But, we all know how long hosts last for Venom... I mean, I still think of Eddie Brock as the original Venom, but we all known how often that symbiote gets passed around. I think it's inevitable that the symbiote continue to infect numerous characters and never fully settle on one person.

I, personally, would like to see a story arc or something of the new Scarlet Spider, Kaine taking up the symbiote as a "Scarlet Venom" for a little while... but my point here is that even though I 100% hope we get to see Kaine as Venom one day, and how much I'd love to see Eddie Brock get the symbiote back for some more original Venom stories, I really think Flash Gordon as Venom is a huge development to Venom, and Venom can now become known for something more than being that wicked black symbiote with a ridiculously long, slimy tongue, that talks about himself as if he is multiple people at once.

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Flash Gordon?

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i think that would be cool,he doesnt have many missions left, but he will be on the avengers soon, so that will be kinda cool

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@_slim_ said:

Flash Gordon?

Haha, I didn't even notice that. Looks like Venom is headed back into space.

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I think flash as Venom is Ok, I liked Mac a lil more as he was savage, but unfortunately 8/10 times he was written badly and got his ass kicked alot. Kaine as Venom is a surprisingly awesome idea. This should seriously be done in the years to come.

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LMFAO. Flash Gordon.

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It's not Paris Hilton, you don't pass it around at keg-parties.  
One host is enough. 

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^ lol. I hate the new look of venow

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lmao whoops FLASH THOMPSON, won't even edit that one for the comedy of it. haha oh man..

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@FadeToBlackBolt said:
It's not Paris Hilton, you don't pass it around at keg-parties.   One host is enough. 
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at nycc dan slott mentioned that theres gonna be a whole bunch of symbiote stuff happening in 2012 so hopefully we see some cool things happening with flash and carnage .. hell even toxin and scorn would be cool to see involved too

also as a side note i hope remender has flash do some new things with the venom symbiote. like make it so that he can do more with the symbiote since he's not a maniac.

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Flash Gordon lol

I agree, Kaine with the Symbiote would be awesome. I'd also love to see a Marvel/DC crossover with a DC character getting the symbiote for a while.

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