Circle of Four x Three = Twelve

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In celebration of Circle of Four, I propose the ultimate team battle of the century! I'm trying to avoid as many paradoxes as I can, but here's the line up: The Heroes: Spider-man (Peter Parker), Gray Hulk (Bruce Banner), Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze), and Wolverine. versus The Anti-Heroes: Anti-Venom (Eddie Brock), Red Hulk, Vengeance, X-23 versus The Villains: Venom (Mac Gargan), The Abomination, BlackHeart, Sabertooth Let's say the battle is set in a small little town in the country side. The heroes are merciful, the anti-heroes will kill if they must, and the villains are out for blood. FIGHT!

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This should be in the battles forum

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@AmericanSymbiote: you cant move it, you'll have to PM a Mod, as to the fight hmmm I think I'll go with the Anti-Heroes  
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probably Anti Heroes

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I'd think that the Anti-Heroes take this too.

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