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What's worse than one mayhem-producing symbiote? Two. What's worse than that? Three. That's right: Venom's offspring, Carnage, is about to have a baby itself - a creature of indescribable power and appetites. Question is, who's gonna bring up baby? Quick - someone call Spider-Man!

Carnage gives birth to a new symbiote, and Venom argues with him about keeping his baby, or killing it.

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Symbiote battle royal! 0

   Mid 2000's, Marvel launched one of my favorite titles, Venom-Carnage, and I was all over it. Venom,( the original Eddie Brock), being my favorite Marvel character, and Carnage, being the psychotic mass murderer he is, this title had everything I wanted and more! Being only four parts long, it's sort of a downer for die hard Venom fans like my self, but makes it so much sweeter to own all four parts.     The story starts off with Venom and Carnage duking it out. Venom is trying to convince Car...

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Carnage rhymes with garbage 0

Why even bother writing a proper review for what are the stupidest characters ever created in the history of comics?    Venom should have been killed a long time ago, Carnage rhymes with garbage, and now Toxin?  WTF?    Don't forget to click on the RED SUB-HEADING and NOT the Green title to either give me  a thumbs down or thumbs up on this review!  Thanks....

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