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The deadliest of the nation's super-villains are held prisoner at the special U.S. government facility known as the Vault. In theory, putting the most dangerous criminals in one spot keeps them where they can be watched over most effectively.

It also puts them where they can be the most dangerous.

While they all thirst for freedom, none do so more than the maniacal killer symbiote known as.......VENOM!

Spider-Man's deadliest foe, he is the villain most feared by his fellow inmates. For his rage and his power are beyond reason. Get on his bad side and it will be the last mistake you'll ever make.

In Deathtrap: The Vault, Eddie Brock - the psychotic Venom - masterminds a full scale escape attempt by the inmates. When it goes wrong and the equally crazed warden turns the prison into a giant nuclear bomb, it is the mighty Avengers and the X-Men's one-time enemies, Freedom Force, who are called upon to break into the impregnable fortress, free the hostages.......and defuse the bomb. But whose side is Freedom Force really on ?

As brilliant as he is powerful, Venom plays all the story's personalities against each other, and spares no innocent life, as he does everything in his power to escape and go after his web spinning enemy.

It's maximum tension, maximum excitement, and maximum carnage in the thrill-a-second pages of DEATHTRAP: THE VAULT, courtesy of mega-talents Danny Fingeroth, Ron Lim, Jim Sanders and Fred Fredricks.

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