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The fourth and final comic in the Carnage Unleashed series. Carnage works his way into becoming a major threat to all those connected to the release of his on-line video game. Venom uses the ability to send his symbiot through the internet as he observed Carnage doing previously to fight Carnage digitally. Venom purposefully overheats the computer that they are digitally fighting within as to attack Carnage's weakness to high temperatures. The attack is successful but also hurts Venom as well.

Carnage pulls away from the computer and is angered by the attack but also fails to realize that Dr. Pazzo has created a Molotov cocktail from cognac and a lighter behind him. Carnage is set ablaze and jumps out a window to his (seeming) death. Venom/Brock however realizes he is in mortal danger and again sends his symbiot through the internet and narrowly saves Carnage/Kasady's life by catching him before he smashes into the street below.

The action of saving Kasady's life creates a confusion to those who witnessed the event. When Venom is asked why he saved Kasady's life Venom says, "Don't you see what this is all about with Carnage? He's asking for it! And what he wants that bad we're not going to give him! Let him rot in that place, and let him think about who put him back in there---- US!!"

The comic ends with Kristen on the phone with her mother stating that Clive is hospitalized and that Venom is walking free even though it was he who let him fall. Kristen states she wants justice and her mother responds saying, "Mommy can't get you justice baby... Will you settle for revenge?"

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