matkrenz's Venom #9 - Capital Punishment review

Monsters all around Flash.

Review for Venom #9.

Story: Hijacker is going around robbing banks and Flash is sent in to stop him.

Thoughts: Remender uses the comparing monster angle with this issue to show us just how much stress Flash went trough Spider-Island. In this issue we have c list villain Hijacker (brought back in Remender's Punisher series) going around robbing banks and running over confused civilians that were transformed into spider people and when he runs over a mother and her son Flash just goes into a berserker rage. The way Hijacker is demonized is after running over the mom and son he tries to lessen his guilt by saying that people get run over each day on the road and the streets by other cars. And then we have Flash as monster Venom torturing Hijacker but he is also lessening his guilt by saying he took away everything from the mom and son, every birthday, every happy moment in their life taken away from them. And this is also a turning point for Flash in that he realizes if he wants to continue being a hero he has to be a monster and do things no one else will do. But the issue does end on a light note with Flash getting to hear his dad's letter to him. My problem with the issue is with Caselli's art, it's not bad and I like it, he is very good with the big action scenes but it's to clean for this book. Fowler worked great because he has this very gritty feel and so did Tony Moore.

Verdict: Another great issue for this series with another great examination of Flash's current state but the art is so very wrong for the mood and feeling of this book. This is a buy.


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