duo_forbidden's Venom #8 - Spider-Island, part 3 review

Venom vs The Queen.

Synopsis: Venom goes one on one with The Queen.

-What's Good?

So, I read this issue after I finished reading Amazing Spider-Man #672, so this issue didn't really surprise me by much. Rick Remender does a solid job in tying in the events together, like with Steve Rogers coming back in action. I did like the parts of the letter Flash's father left him throughout the issue. While Flash couldn't get the last goodbye he truly wanted with his father, I really believe that his father's letter was sincere (and that he should listen and marry Betty.) The battle between Venom and The Queen was pretty much one sided for a while, but I gotta give Flash some credit for trying at least.

Tom Fowler's artwork is great for this outcome. It really reminds me of Humberto Ramos style. The battle between Flash and The Queen was pretty hectic.

-What's Bad?

This is a straightforward issue. If you've been following Spider-Island up till now, nothing should really jump up and surprise you. One problem could be the lack of a real conclusion when it comes to Venom side of the story.


Rick Remender did a good job incorporating Venom into the Spider-Island event. I don't know what's in store for Flash and Venom, but after Spider-Island, I think some changes are in store.


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