matkrenz's Venom #8 - Spider-Island, part 3 review

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Review for Venom #8.

The Story: Flash goes to take out the Queen.

The Good: Remender is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers now. With the high the high octaine action of X-Force it is contrasted with Venom where will there is big action, I mean Flash and Steve teaming up against the Queen was great, here we have a series on a more human level with Flash struggling to be a strong man even without the Venom. This is showed greatly with a letter his father wrote him that is contrasted at great moments, we get to see that while he might have been a terrible father and he knows that but he wants the best for his son. He writes that Flash never let his demons get to him when he his pleading to the venom to come back to him and gives him the cliche "family is everything" but he means it. Also what happens to the letter is very sad. The art by Fowler is just great, the way he does he does fights are just viceral and his people standing around talking is simple.

The Bad: Nothing but since im not reading Spider-Island I wont see the end of the fight.

The Verdict: This is my second favorite series at the moment, Remender has given us a look into Flash and how he is dealing with life alongside Spider-Island and with his relationship with his father it reminded of the Dropkick Murphys "The Torch", so have fun with one of my favorite bands. This is a buy.

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